Hyundai Exter CSD Canteen
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Hyundai Exter, its variants, CSD Price and availability in CSD Canteen

As we know, Hyundai launched its flagship compact SUV Hyundai Exter on 10 July 2023. Since then, most of the defense personnel are awaiting its listing in the CSD AFD portal. We have good news for all those CSD beneficiaries who are planning to purchase Hyundai Exter through CSD Canteen. This car is now available in the Canteen Stores Department and we will share its complete details like Hyundai Exter CSD price, its variants, color and its specification. 

Variants of Hyundai Exter in CSD Canteen

Now Let’s talk about the variants which are there in Hyundai Exter. It doesn’t just come in one style. It has 11 version from simple and reliable to fancy and automatic.

Below are the variants list of Hyundai Exter in CSD Canteen.

  1. Exter S - 
  2. Exter S AMT
  3. Exter S CNG 
  4. Exter S(O) 
  5. Exter SX 
  6. Exter SX AMT 
  7. Exter SX CNG
  8. Exter SX(O) 
  9. Exter SX(O) AMT 
  10. Exter SX(O) Connect
  11. Exter SX(O) Connect AMT 

Hyundai Exter color

There are 4 Color variants in Hyundai Exter in CSD Canteen. Below is the name of the color variants.

  1. Atlas White
  2. Fiery Red
  3. Starry Night
  4. Titan Grey

Hyundai Exter CSD Price 

 Now comes the most important part i.e CSD price. You can check out Exter CSD Canteen price in Delhi in the table below. To check its price in other regions, click here.

index number


CSD price

SKU 67327

Exter S


SKU 67328

Exter S(O)


SKU 67329

Exter SX


SKU 67330

Exter SX(O)


SKU 67331

Exter SX(O) Connect


SKU 67332

Exter S AMT


SKU 67333

Exter SX AMT


SKU 67334

Exter SX(O) AMT


SKU 67335

Exter SX(O) Connect AMT


SKU 67336

Exter S CNG


SKU 67337

Exter SX CNG


Specification And Highlights

The Exter gives you different types of engines to choose from, offering a good mix of power and fuel efficiency. You can select either manual or automatic transmission based on what you like, giving you control over how you drive. Hyundai designed the Exter to be fuel-efficient, meaning it doesn't use a lot of fuel. 

This makes it a good choice for everyday driving, and it's better for the environment. The Exter stands out with a cool and aerodynamic design on the outside. It has impressive LED headlights, a unique grille, and sleek lines that make it look modern and dynamic.Inside, it's roomy and comfy. The materials are nice, and the design is smart, so when you're driving, it feels good. They made sure it's a comfortable experience for you.

The Exter has a cool screen in the middle that does a lot of things. You can use it for directions, connect your phone, and even enjoy some entertainment while driving.It helps you stay connected easily. You can connect your phone using Bluetooth or plug it into USB ports. And if it has Hyundai's Blue Link tech, you might be able to control some things in the car even when you're not in it. 

Hyundai really cares about your safety. The Exter has smart systems that can warn you if you're drifting out of your lane or help you avoid a collision. It's built strong and tough. If something unexpected happens, the car is designed to protect you. There are airbags and other things inside that make sure you and your passengers stay safe.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q. What is the safety rating of Hyundai Exter?

A. Hyundai Exter has a 5 star safety rating.

Q. Is Exter a safe car?

A. Exter comes with 6 airbags ESC and safety belt reminders as well as Hyundai has been vocal that the Exter will be one of its safest offerings in India.

Q.  What is special about Hyundai Exter?

A.  It has 1197 cc engine , mileage range from 19.2 to 27.1 km/l , generates a maximum power output of 82 bhp @ 6000 rpm.

Q. Is Hyundai Exter 7 Seater?

A.  No, Hyundai Exter is a 5 Seater SUV.

Q. Is Hyundai Exter available in the CSD Canteen?

A. The Hyundai Exter is available in the CSD Canteen in 11 variants with 4 different colors.


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