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Financial Assistance Scheme to Non-Pensioner Ex-Servicemen

Many times it happens that a soldier from the Armed Forces is dismissed from service without pension or he himself takes discharge before the end of 15 years of service and he does not get pension. From the age of 60-65 years, ex-servicemen run their household by doing any job or other work and as soon as they reach 60-65 years of age, it becomes difficult to work in this age. Nor does anyone give them a job, with increasing age, health also deteriorates. At this time it is very difficult for them to take care of their health and run their house. In 1981, monthly financial assistance of Rs 100 was started for two years for non-pension ex-servicemen/widow who have attained the age of 65 years.

In 2007, it was increased to Rs 500 per month for two years and if the ex-serviceman attains the age of 70 years, then one-time financial assistance of Rs 30000 is also available. From Oct 2011, this scheme has been simplified and this monthly grant has been increased to Rs 1000 per month and from 01 Apr 2017 this amount has been increased to Rs 4000 per month.

Objective of the scheme:-

The objective of this scheme is to provide financial assistance to ex-servicemen/widow up to the rank of Havildar/Equal.

Eligibility Conditions :-

  1. The applicant should be a non-pensioner ex-serviceman/widow.
  2. The rank of the applicant should be up to Havildar/Equal.
  3. Applicant's age should be 65 years as on 01 Apr.
  4. If the ex-serviceman is taking advantage of this grant and he dies, then this grant will start going to his wife, irrespective of her age.

Required documents :-

The following documents have to be uploaded on the website of Kendriya Sainik Board :-

  1. Copy of all pages of Service Documents/Discharge Book. All pages should be number wise. All the pages should be clearly visible, if there is any cutting or overwriting in any page, then the sign and stamp of the District Sainik Welfare Officer should be on that page.
  2. Age proof if the date of birth is not mentioned in the service document/discharge book.
  3. Identity card issued by Zilla Sainik Board.
  4. A copy of the first page of the bank pass book in which all its information such as bank account number, IFS code have been given, if all these information are not given in the bank pass book, then a canceled check in which all these information have been given.
  5. A certificate by the applicant certifying that he has no income.

The application is also recommended by the District Sainik Welfare Officer and a certificate has to be submitted certifying that all the information/documents provided by the applicant are correct.

Subsequent Grant:-

For subsequent grant, the applicant has to login to the Kendriya Sainik Board site and upload the life certificate counter signed by the District Sainik Welfare Officer. This certificate has to be submitted from 01 Dec to 31 Mar. Financial assistance cannot be transferred. If for some reason the ex-serviceman dies, his wife need not to apply again. All she has to do is to update some information in her husband's KSB account like “Widow” in the column “Who are you” and enter the date of death of the husband in the profile page.

It is not mandatory for a widow to be 65 years old, even if her age is 50 years, then she will get financial assistance. Widow also has to login to Kendriya Sainik Board's site and upload life certificate counter signed by District Sainik Welfare Officer for subsequent grant. This certificate has to be submitted from 01 Dec to 31 Mar.

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