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Revision in financial assistance amount to the orphan children of ESM

Many times it happens that after getting pension, both husband and wife dies due to some accident or any other reason, then children become orphans at a young age. Even the relatives are not able to take good care of these children and these children become burden on the relatives because their financial condition is not good. Armed forces come forward to help these children at this time. Keeping these children in mind, in May 2007, Ex-Serviceman started Rs 500 per month only for orphan girls and in the year 2011 increased this amount to Rs 1000 for both boys and girls. Now from 1 Apr 2022 this amount has been increased to Rs 3000 per month.

In this post, we will tell you who gets financial assistance and how and what documents are required :-

Conditions for eligibility :-

  1. The applicant should be a valid child of the ex-serviceman and his name should be an entry in the service book.
  2. If he is a boy then he should be below 21 years of age and if he is a girl he should be unmarried.
  3. The application should be approved by the concerned Zila Sainik Board.

Required documents :-

A copy of the following documents should be attested by the District Sainik Welfare Officer and submitted.

  1. Service discharge book containing the name of the applicant.
  2. Death certificate of both parents.
  3. Dependent I card issued by the respective Zila Sainik Board.
  4. Birth certificate of each orphan child.
  5. Certificate for the girl child certifying that the girl is not married.
  6. Bank account and IFSC code.

The application has a prescribed format which has to be submitted along with the above mentioned documents to the Zila Sainik Board. Zilla Sainik Board checks these applications and if the application and documents are correct then sends them to Rajya Sainik Board and Rajya Sainik Board checks and sends them to Kendriya Sainik Board.

Mode of Payment:-

As the Kendriya Sainik Board approves the application, the welfare section starts the process for payment and re-verifies the entire documents of the deceased ESM and sends them to the account section and the account section keeps on making payments every month.

Note :-

  1. The orphan boy gets this grant automatically every month till he is 21 years old and as soon as the boy turns 21, the financial assistance is tied up automatically.
  2. The orphan girl has to get a certificate signed by the District Military Welfare Officer every financial year certifying that the girl has not married.

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