Leave Accumulation Calculator
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Leave Accumulation Calculator for defence person

Defense personnel accumulate annual leave every year during their service so that at the time of retirement, they can get salary in lieu of those leaves. In today's post, we will talk about how much money the defense person gets for leave encashment at the time of retirement. For the convenience of defense personnel, Fouji Adda team has also made a calculator in which you can find out the final amount by entering the information related to your salary. First let's talk about the rule for leave accumulation.

Leave Encashment Rule

  • A maximum of 300 days leave can be accumulated during the defense personnel service.
  • A maximum of 30 days leave can be accumulated in a year.
  • Apart from this, 10 days leave money can be claimed in a year at the time of LTC, which can be maximum of 60 days in the entire service.
  • Make sure to get Part 2 ordered while submitting leave, otherwise there can be a lot of trouble in claiming at the time of retirement.

Leave encashment calculator

Now let's talk about how much money is received for the accumulated leave at the time of retirement. The final amount depends on the salary, DA and total accumulated leave of the defense person. That's why the final amount is different for everyone. For your convenience, a calculator has been provided on the Fouji Adda website. 

In this, you have to enter your Basic Pay, MSP, Class Pay, X Group Pay (if you are not in X Group then put 0) and DA% at the time of retirement. After that you will get the final amount in the last column. In this, you have to enter the details of the time of retirement.

With the help of this calculator, one can calculate the amount of leave accumulated by any defense person.

You can use this calculator by clicking here.

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