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Diwali Bonus 2022 Order Released

After the increase of DA July 2022 earlier this month, now the central government has also released the order for Diwali bonus. With that news, the Fauji Adda team had informed that the order for Diwali bonus can also come at any time. What we call Diwali Bonus in common language, in technical language it is called Non Productivity Linked Bonus or Ad Hoc Bonus. It is given to government employees every year before Diwali.

In this post, we will talk about how much Diwali bonus will the defense person get and when it will be credited in the bank accoun?

How much will you get Diwali bonus?

Diwali Bonus Order has been issued on 6th October 2022. According to this order, all central employees will get ad hoc bonus equal to 30 days' emoluments. For your information, let us tell you that emoluments include the basic salary and allowances of the defense person.  According to this order, the maximum amount limit for 30 days emoluments has been kept at Rs 7000. That is, no matter how much your monthly emoluments are,  at the time of calculation, emoluments will be calculated according to the maximum limit of 7000 only.

For example, we will calculate the values ??of one day emoluments. The maximum emoluments limit for a month has been mentioned as Rs 7000. If a month has an average of 30.4 days, then divide the total value by 30.4 which makes 230.26. This is the maximum emoluments of a day. According to the letter, Diwali bonus will be given equal to 30 days of emoluments. Thus by multiplying the maximum amount of emoluments for a day by 30, you can get the total bonus.

Total Bonus = 230.26 X 30 Days = Rs.6908

The Defense Person will be given a maximum bonus of Rs.6908.

Diwali Bonus will be available only to central employees who are in Group C and non-gazetted posts of Group B. You can view a copy of the release order for the Non Productivity Linked Bonus below.

Diwali bonus

Important Terms Condition for Diwali Bonus

  • Non Productivity Linked Bonus will be available only to those Defense Persons who were in service as on 31st March 2022. Employees who retired before or joined after that are not eligible for this.
  • At least 6 months of continuous service during 2021 – 2022 is mandatory for Diwali bonus.
  • Diwali bonus will be given on pro rata basis. That is, it will be given in the proportion of service during 2021 -2022.

When will the Diwali Bonus be credited?

Diwali bonus should be credited to your account in this month before Diwali. However, no fix date has been given regarding this in the release order. But every year, Diwali bonus is credited before Diwali. This was an important update related to Diwali bonus. If you liked this information, then definitely share it in Whatsapp group by clicking on the share button above.

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