Paternity Leave
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Important rules related to 15 days paternity leave for defense personnel

Indian defense personnel are engaged in the security of the country throughout the year away from their families. Due to being away from home and having 24-hour duty, they are given maximum leave as compared to civil department. JCOs and other ranks in all the three forces of India get a total leave of 3 months i.e. 90 days in a year, out of which 60 days are annual leave and 30 days are casual leave. In this post, we will talk about Paternity Leave which has been started from the year 2016.

Paternity Leave has been introduced from January 2016. Paternity leave is available for 15 days, which can be taken before or after the birth of the child. Some important information related to paternity leave is as follows.

Paternity leave important information

  1. Paternity leave is available for a maximum period of 15 days which can be combined with annual leave.
  2. Paternity leave can be taken 15 days before delivery or up to 6 months after delivery.
  3. Paternity leave is available only for 2 children. If the Defense Soldier already has two children, then he will not get paternity leave at the time of delivery of the third child.

Paternity leave on adoption of child

For your information, let us tell you that if a serving defense person adopts a child, then there is a provision to give 15 days of paternity leave to him. It is mandatory to fulfill the condition given below for paternity leave on adoption of a child.

  1. Defense serving person should have less than two children.
  2. The age of the adopted child should be less than one year at the time of adoption.
  3. Paternity leave of 15 days can be taken within 6 months from the time of adoption.
  4. Annual leave can also be granted along with paternity leave.

At the time of child birth, the family of the soldier is in great need and giving paternity leave at such a time or after delivery is a very good step. The military person being present with the family at the time of child birth not only gives happiness but also doubles the happiness of his family.

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