BH Number plate renewal
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BH Number renewal process, cost and validity

Renewing a BH (Bharat) number plate is important to keep your vehicle legal and to ensure continued easy travel between Indian states. The BH series, introduced by the Indian government, is especially convenient for people who often move between states, such as government employees and private sector professionals.

To keep enjoying the convenient travel that BH registration provides, vehicle owners need to renew the plate every two years. This article will show you how to renew your BH number plate online through the Ministry of Road Transport and Highway (MoRTH) website. So, we would like you to stay with us to learn the process. 

BH series number plate validity 

The BH series plate is valid for two years from the date of issuance. This allows vehicle owners to enjoy seamless inter-state mobility without needing to renew their registration. 

When you renew the BH number plate, it will be valid for another two years, making it easy to manage. To avoid penalties or legal issues, start the renewal process before the current registration expires. This will ensure that you comply with the rules and can keep using your vehicle without interruption.

Process To Renew Your BH Number Plate 

To renew your BH series plate, follow these step-by-step processes. 

Step 1: In your search bar, search the term “moRTH”. And click on the first link from the results pages. 

Search Morth

Step 2: Open this website, this is the official government website for Road Transport & Highways. Hover on the online services and click on the Vehicle-related services.

Visit Parivahan Seva Portal

Step 3: After clicking on the “Vehicle-related services” a page will open that will ask you to select your state. You can select the state in which your car is registered. I am selecting Haryana, in my case. 

Vehicle related service

Step 4: After selecting your state, a new page will open that will ask you to choose the option to avail services. You have two options 1. Vehicle registration number, and 2. Registering authorities. You can select at your convenience. Here, I am going with the vehicle registration number. Enter your registration number below. Mark check on the agreement and click on the proceed button. 

BH Renewal process

Step 5: As you click on proceed, a new popup window will open in which various services are listed that can be availed using your Aadhaar authentication. If you want to read all these you can otherwise, click on the proceed button. 

BH Plate login

Step 6: As you click on proceed. A page with various online services will open. We are here to renew our BH number plate. For this, we will pay our taxes. To pay your tax. Click on the “Pay Your Tax”. as shown below. 

Morth Services

Step 7: After clicking “Pay Your Tax” a new page will open that will ask you for your registration number and the last 5 digits of your Chassis Number. You will get your chassis number in your registration certificate (RC). Enter these values and then click on the verify details. 

Enter BH registration number

Step 8: After clicking on “Verify Details” a page will open that contains your tax details. It contains your last tax payment receipt date, tax validity date, and the amount to be paid for renewal.

BH renewal cost

Scroll down the page, 

BH Number Plate Validity

Select “LumpSum Two Year” from the Tax Mode. There is only one option in this menu.

BH Number Tax

After selecting “LumpSum Two Year'' Tax from and Tax up to date will be updated. In my case, my tax is applicable from 18-10-2024 to 17-10-2026. And my total payable tax is highlighted in the above picture.

After checking all the details, scroll down and click on Payment.

Lumsum two years

Step 9: When you click on the payment, a popup will open that contains all your tax details, check it carefully. If everything is okay, mark check on the confirmation statement, and click on “Confirm Payment”.

Tax Amount

Step 10: When you click on the “Confirm Payment” payment gateway will be open. Click on the dropdown of the “Select Payment Gateway” and select E-Gras. There is only one payment gateway here, so you have to choose only E-Gras. Mark check on the terms and conditions and click on “Continue”.

Pay for BH plate fee

After clicking continue, you will land on the official site of E-Gras, and again a continue button will appear. Click on this.

Step 11: After clicking Continue, the Payment method will be displayed. Here only is two methods i.e. E-Banking, and Debit/Credit Card. You can choose any of these at your convenience. Here, I am going to choose the E-Banking of Union Bank. After selecting your preferred payment method, click on “Proceed”.

Select Bank

Step 12: As you click on the “Proceed” E-Challan slip will be created for your payment. Check all the details mentioned in the E-Challan slip such as Name, Address, RTO Office, and payable amount. Now click on “Continue” to make payment.

BH number e challan

When you click on “Continue you will leave the current site and will be redirected to the bank website for further payment process. Log in with your bank user ID and password and complete your payment. 

When you complete your payment successfully. You will receive your tax payment receipt and will also receive a message regarding your tax payment on your registered mobile number. So this was the whole process for renewal of your BH number plate. 

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs 

Can I renew my BH registration online?

Yes, you can renew your BH registration online by following the above steps. It takes merely 5 to 10 minutes to complete the renewal process. 

What happens after 2 years of BH registration?

Your BH registration will expire after two years. If you register your car with the BH series number plate, you'll only need to pay road tax for the first 2 years after the purchase. After that, you'll need to pay road tax every 2 years. You can pay this road tax on the official e-vahan website.

Is the BH series number plate costly?

The cost of the BH series number plate is based on the price of the vehicle. For example, if the vehicle costs lie between Rs. 10 - 20 lakh, the registration fee for the BH series number plate will be 10% of the total vehicle cost.

What is the difference between a BH number plate and a normal number plate?

The BH (Bharat) number plate is designed for individuals who frequently move across states, such as government and private sector employees, offering seamless interstate vehicle mobility without re-registration. Initially valid for two years, the BH number plate requires renewal every two years thereafter. In contrast, normal number plates are state-specific, necessitating re-registration and new road tax payments when the vehicle owner relocates to a different state, thus lacking the BH plate's flexibility and convenience.

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