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How to book bike or two wheeler online through CSD canteen?

After the launch of the portal of CSD AFD, the entire process of booking a bike or two wheeler from the CSD canteen has changed. Earlier, to buy a bike, the defense person had to visit the CSD canteen depot with the bike's availability certificate, bank demand draft, serving certificate and other documents. But now you do not need to go to CSD depot. If you know the process of CSD bike booking, then you can easily place two wheeler online order from CSD canteen.

In this post, we will tell step by step process of buying a bike or two wheeler from CSD canteen. So read the post till the end. First of all let's talk about what are the CSD bike purchase rules?

CSD Bike Purchase Rules

  • Defense Person can buy one two wheeler from CSD canteen every 4 years.
  • The bike purchased from CSD canteen should be used for personal use.
  • Purchased two wheeler cannot be sold before 4 years.

CSD AFD Registration Process

To book a bike from CSD AFD, first you have to register on the website of CSD AFD. At the time of registration, the defense person has to enter the CSD canteen smart card details and service details. After creating an account in the AFD portal, your account is approved by the administrator within 2 to 4 days. Sometimes the account is not even approved due to wrong entry. Therefore, enter only the correct information in the CSD AFD  portal.

If you have not yet created your account on the website of CSD AFD, then you can watch the video on the Fauji Adda YouTube channel. In this video step by step is shown how you can create your account. 

After applying for registration, you have to wait for 2-4 days for account approval. At this time you can complete other process of buying bike from CSD canteen. Now let's talk about what are the documents required to book a two wheeler through CSD Canteen?

Documents required for CSD bike booking

  • Photocopy of PAN card.
  • Availability certificate of two wheeler.
  • Photocopy of PPO or Discharge Book (for ESM)
  • Last Pension Slip (for ESM)

CSD Bike Purchase Process

First of all, you have to search the CSD dealer of the bike in your area. For your information, let us tell you that not all bike dealers sell bikes through CSD. Therefore, contact the CSD dealer of the bike only. You can use the Fouji Adda app to search CSD dealers.

Go to CSD section of Fouji Adda app and click on CSD dealer. After that select your state, city, and bike company. After that click on submit button. After this, the list of all the bikes that will have CSD dealers in that city will come. In this list you will find the CSD dealer's phone number, address and Google location. You can easily get in touch with them by calling them.

You have to call the CSD dealer and inquire about the availability of the bike. After this, the CSD dealer will give you the availability certificate of the bike which you have to upload at the time of placing the order in the CSD AFD portal. You do not even need to go to the dealer for this. You can check the price and index number of the bike in the Fouji Adda app and tell the dealer which bike you want to buy. The CSD dealer will send you the availability certificate through WhatsApp.

Once your account is approved on the CSD AFD portal, Defense Person can place the order for the bike.

How to complete CSD Bike booking online

First of all visit the website of CSD AFD. After that login by entering username and password on the login page. After login the home page will open. On the left side of the home page, you will find the search bar in which you can search the bike by entering the name of the bike or the CSD index number. Apart from this, you can also open the complete list of bike or scooty by clicking on two wheeler. The photos are given below for your convenience.

CSD Bike Booking

Click on the bike or scooty you want to buy in the given list. On clicking, the next page will open. In which you have to select the important details related to the order. Select the information given below on this page. You can also check the CSD Canteen Bike price on this page. 

  • Bike color
  • Price zone
  • CSD dealer from whom you want to buy bike.
  • CSD depot from where you want to buy bike.
  • CSD canteen where you will get LS order.

After selecting this information, the exhaust price of the bike will come down at the bottom. After that you have to click on the checkout button.

bike purchase process

On clicking the checkout button, a new page will open. In which bank details related to the loan are given. If you take a loan to buy a bike, then you need bank details. In case of loan, the bank transfers the loan amount directly to the bank account of CSD. After a few seconds the next page will open in which the defense person will get the personal details.

Complete order on portal

On this page the defense person will get the personal details already filled up. In this you have to check your details. Apart from this, you have to upload the necessary documents. As shown in the photo below, the Defense Person has to upload the PAN Card, Availability Certificate, PPO copy or Discharge Book copy and the photocopy of the Pension Slip. PPO copy, discharge book copy and pension slip are not applicable for serving defense person.

The CSD bike purchase rules are also given on this page. Be sure to read them once. Click on the Term and Condition column at the end of this page. After that click on Generate Demand.

CSD Bike Purchase rules

A new page will open as soon as you click on Generate Demand. On that page, the user gets payment options. Defense Person can make payment on CSD Portal through Internet Banking, Debit Card etc. After making the payment, the demand receipt is received, which you can also print.

The user of CSD AFD portal online booking has to do the same process. You can visit CSD canteen to receive the LS order after 3-4 days of placing the order. LS orders are available in the same CSD canteen which you selected while placing the order. After getting the LS order, you have to visit the CSD dealer's showroom. The bikes are delivered after the LS order is handed over to the dealer at the showroom.

Thus defense person can buy bike or any two wheeler through CSD canteen.

If you want to receive news related to Defense Welfare then you can join Fauji Adda Telegram channel by clicking here. Ever since the launch of CSD Canteen AFD Portal, the defense personnel are facing a lot of trouble while buying a two wheeler due to lack of knowledge. By getting the correct and accurate information, he can easily purchase the products from the CSD AFD portal. Therefore, share this post with all the defense personnel through Whatsapp.

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