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Phone numbers and email addresses of CSD depots across India

Defense Person needs CSD Depot while buying bike, car from CSD canteen. Only one or two CSD depots are available in each state. Sometimes due to lack of information, many times we have to make rounds. Therefore, it is necessary to know the complete procedure while buying a car from CSD canteen and while buying a bike to avoid frequent detours.

Apart from this, all CSD depot car and bike prices are also different. Hence it is necessary to know the accurate price for making payment at CSD depot. Timing of CSD depot also varies. So having CSD depot contact number and address can avoid all these troubles. In this post, we will tell all the CSD depot contact numbers so that you can get all the details through phone instead of going to the CSD depot and the defense person does not have to go to the CSD depot unnecessarily. There are a total of 34 CSD canteen depots all over India, the complete information related to which is given below.

CSD Depot Contact Number

CSD Depot Srinagar 01942-468085 01942-466847 snd@csdindia.gov.in
CSD Depot Leh 01982-260444
01982-252408 led@csdindia.gov.in
CSD Depot Udhampur 01992-242237 01992-242237 udd@csdindia.gov.in
CSD Depot B D Bari 01923-220481
01923-222365 bdb@csdindia.gov.in
CSD Depot Pathankot 01862-224618 01862-254822 pkd@csdindia.gov.in
CSD Depot Jalandhar 01812-260202
01812-266482 jld@csdindia.gov.in
CSD Depot Bhatinda 01642-290874 01642-291021 btd@csdindia.gov.in
CSD Depot Ambala 01712-611373 01712-611106 amb@csdindia.gov.in
CSD Depot Hisar 01662-221581 01662-220875 hsd@csdindia.gov.in
CSD Depot Delhi 011-25693620 011-25684635 dhd@csdindia.gov.in
CSD Depot Jaipur 01412-201563 01412-204923 jad@csdindia.gov.in
CSD Depot Bikaner 01512-233897 01512-233724 bkd@csdindia.gov.in
CSD Depot Dehradun 01352-711009 01352-711401 dhd@csdindia.gov.in
CSD Depot Ahmedabad 07922-867451 07922-850277 ahd@csdindia.gov.in
Jabalpur 07612-622656 07612-677920 jbd@csdindia.gov.in
CSD depot Merrut 01212-648257 01212-640983 med@csdindia.gov.in
CSD Depot Bareilly 05812-510188 05812-427533 bld@csdindia.gov.in
CSD Depot Agra 05622-421177
05622-421177 agd@csdindia.gov.in
CSD Depot Lucknow 05222-450327 05222-464673 lkd@csdindia.gov.in
CSD Depot Ramgarh 06553-225385 06553-226657 rgd@csdindia.gov.in
CSD Depot Khadki 020-25812907 020-25816809 kkd@csdindia.gov.in
CSD Depot Mumbai (Area Depot) 022-23744113 022-23732737 byd@csdindia.gov.in
CSD Base Depot Mumbai 022-23722074 022-23720859 bbd@csdindia.gov.in
CSD Head Office 022-22037120   gm@csdindia.gov.in
CSD Depot Secundrabad 040-27794147 040-27990053 sbd@csdindia.gov.in
CSD Depot Banglore 080-2558992 080-25585982 bgd@csdindia.gov.in
CSD Depot Kochi 0484-2203339 0484-2207046 ccd@csdindia.gov.in
CSD Depot Chennai 044-25671369 044-25672476 chd@csdindia.gov.in
CSD Depot Visakhapatnam 0891-2558218 0891-2552360 vpd@csdindia.gov.in
CSD Depot Kolkata (West Bengal) 033-22485939 033-22130804 ctd@csdindia.gov.in
CSD Depot Baghdogra (WB) 03532-480041 03532-550163 bdd@csdindia.gov.in
CSD Depot Narangi (Guwahati, Assam) 03612-642482 03612-644926 ngd@csdindia.gov.in
CSD Depot Masimpur (Arunachal Pradesh) 03842-278213 03842-278510 rme@csdindia.gov.in
CSD Depot Dimapur (Nagaland) 03862-232995 03862-225245 dpd@csdindia.gov.in
CSD Depot Missamari 03714-253534 03714-25312 mmd@csdindia.gov.in


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