Activate ECHS card
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How to receive and activate ECHS card?

When the applicant receives a message that the ECHS card has been received at the station headquarters. He has to go to the station headquarters and collect his ECHS card. If you have got the ECHS card made for yourself and the dependent, then the primary card holder and the dependents had to go to the station headquarters and collect the card. Before handing over the card, the station headquarter officer used to verify the identity of the card recipient.

But now there is no need to go to the dependents. Primary beneficiary i.e. ESM can himself collect ECHS card of his and dependents by visiting the station headquarters.

At the time of card collection, old ECHS card or temporary slip is also deposited and new 64KB ECHS card is issued and a sign is also made in the register that ECHS card has been given to you. 

If the Station Headquarters wishes, as per the convenience of the ESM, the ECHS card can also be issued to the ESM by visiting the ECHS Polyclinic and can take the old card or temporary slip. After getting the card, the ECHS card has to be activated whose procedure is given below.

How to Activate ECHS Card?

When the applicant receives a message on the registered mobile number on reaching the ECHS card at the station headquarters, that message also contains a mobile number. With the help of which the applicant can activate the ECHS card. You can check out details to track ECHS card status here.

The applicant has to send a message from the mobile number registered for the ECHS card to the mobile number given in the sms. The format of the message is given below.


You have to write the ACTIVATE in the above format. After that you have to leave the space. Enter the number of the new ECHS 64 KB card and send it to the mobile number given in sms. After sending the message, you will receive a message related to ECHS 64 KB card activation.

To activate the dependent's ECHS card, you have to send the dependent's ECHS card number in SMS from the dependent's registered mobile number. In this way you can activate ECHS card. Therefore, while going to the station headquarters, carry the registered mobile number with you so that the station headquarters staff can help you in card activation.

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