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5 Private ESM Jobs With Good Salary

When the defense person retires, he is in that phase of life when he needs the job the most. According to a trend, nowadays soldiers in the Army, Navy and Airforce take retirement after 15 years of service. While only a few percent serve in the army for more than 20 years. When a soldier retires, his age is between 35 years and 45 years. That's why he needs a job.

As we told in our post that how much reservation does ESM get in civil government jobs. Now the competition for ESM in government jobs has increased a lot and the vacancies are also very less. The soldiers who retire early from the army, they already start preparing for Central Government Jobs two to three years before their retirement.

He does coaching for the exam and is completely ready for the exam at the time of retirement. Government jobs are limited, so it is becoming very difficult for all the retiring defense personnel to get jobs.
The best option for ESM is government jobs. But if the retired defense person does not get a government job, then do not be disappointed, very few people have as much experience as you in civil. There are many options open to you, in which there is still a shortage of qualified people.

Now we will talk that if ESM does not get government job then what are the jobs or business through which ESM can get good income.

Best ESM Jobs and Business

Personal Security Officer/PSO

This is the best and secure job for ESM. A soldier is physically and mentally fit. During his service, he has the experience of handling different arms. Whereas in civil it is very difficult to find such a person. Nowadays, there is a lot of demand for Personal Security Officer in metro cities and this demand is increasing continuously. For this jobs you should have arms license and arms like revolver, pistol or gun. 

Arms license can be made during Defense Person Service. So if you are going to retire from Defense and are thinking about the job of PSO then start your preparation from now. In metro city, PSO gets 40000 to 60000 rupees per month.

Security Supervisor/Security Officer

The second best job after PSO is that of Security Officer and Security Supervisor. During service in the army, from soldier duty to supervisor work. No one can do the job of a better security supervisor than the defense person. If you are interested in the job of Security Supervisor, then it is very important for you to be physically fit. Apart from this, pass the diploma of Security Officer or Fire Fighting Officer.

Many universities and Orion School of Security & Intelligence offer such diploma courses to defense personnel. With this diploma, you can easily get a job in a good company on the post of Security Officer, Security Supervisor or Fire Fighting Officer. In which you will get salary up to Rs 25000 - 35000.

Security guard agency

If you do not want to do a job after retiring from Defense Service and are thinking of starting your business, then Security Guard Agency is the best option for ESM. The maximum investment for opening a security guard agency is Rs 2 lakh. In which you have to get company registration, GST account registration, security guard agency license, take office rent, buy necessary furniture, buy clothes for security guard, print business cards and hoardings, build company website, etc.

All this work can be done by ESM easily. After that, after getting one or two tenders, the work starts well. Being ESM, the security guard agency also gets tenders. Your communication skills should be good for this business. There is one time investment in this business and the income is unlimited. As time passes, you will work hard, your company will grow and income will increase.

Physical training instructor

The defense person remains physically fit and active as compared to the civilian. He wakes up early in the morning and his physical standard is high. If you are physically fit or PT instructor or in any special force then you can make your career in Physical Training Instructor. Physical Training Instructor is in high demand in schools, colleges, army and police coaching academies etc. and this is the best job. Coaching centers of Army, Police, Paramilitary etc. have been opened at various places across the country. There an instructor is needed for the physical preparation of the soldiers. Such coaching centers and schools give more preference to the military man because he has more knowledge about all these physical tests and can prepare well for that test. 

Apart from schools and coaching centers, there are also many sports academies where ESM can join as a physical trainer. With the job of physical trainer, you can easily get salary from 25000 to 35000. If your budget is good, then you can also open your own physical training coaching center, in which you can prepare the physical for army, police and paramilitary.

Technical job

There are many technical trades in the Army, Airforce and Navy, and in those technical trades, the soldiers have 15 to 20 years of experience. There are technical trades like Computer Operator, Electrician, Fitter, Medical Assistant, Lab Assistant, Physiotherapist, Pharmacist, Radiographer, Lineman, Swimming Instructor, Clerk, Mechanical Trade, Storekeeper and many more. All these trades have a lot of demand even in civil.

Based on their experience and skills, ESM can get jobs according to their trade or can set up their business related to their trade. Their experience in this field is so much that their chances of spreading are very less and they can easily earn 25000 to 35000 per month through this. For ESM, there are many options to settle in civil, it is necessary to identify them and take a little risk. If you prepare for your retirement before retirement then it is best for you. After retirement you do not need to think much.

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