Assistance to disable ESM
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Financial Assistance for Scooter or Mobility Vehicle for Disabled ESM

Physical fitness is of great importance in the Armed Forces, which is why most ex-servicemen remain physically fit even after retirement. But many times it happens that due to some accident they become disabled, either they are not able to walk at all or they are not able to drive a normal bike or scooter. At present, the Kendriya Sainik Board provides financial assistance to these soldiers to buy battery wheel chairs or modified scooters or any other equipment that helps them to move.

Aim of the Scheme :-

The objective of this scheme is to provide financial assistance for purchase of battery wheel chair or modified scooter or any device which helps in movement for the ex-servicemen who have been disabled by 50% or more due to any reason.

How much money do you get?

From 01 April 2022 Rs 1 lakh (maximum) is available. This money comes from the Armed Forces Flag Day Fund.

Terms & Condition for the Scheme :-

  • The applicant should be an ex-serviceman who has become 50% disabled after retirement and has not taken any such financial assistance from Army/Navy/Air Force.
  • Should be recommended by Zilla Sainik Board.
  • Ex-servicemen should be able to operate the equipment for which financial assistance has been taken for purchase.
  • A signed post dated cheque by speed post to the applicant, along with a certificate certifying that if he is unable to submit the documents of the equipment purchased, then the check number ………. dt ……… to be submitted to AFFDF.
  • Photocopy of the registration certificate of the newly purchased modified scooter.
  • Photocopy of the cash receipt or bill from the dealer.
  • Photo of ex-serviceman with scooter and witness/witness. The registration number of the scooter should also appear in the photo.

As soon as the above mentioned documents reach the Kendriya Sainik Board, that signed post dated check is torn and if the documents do not reach then that check is deposited in AFFDF. The application has a prescribed format, which has to be submitted along with a copy of the following documents, attested by the District Sainik Welfare Officer:-

  • Copy of Discharge Book.
  • Copy of Identity Card of Ex-Serviceman.
  • Document which proves that ex-servicemen cannot do this activity.
  • Disability certificate issued by the Armed Forces Medical Authority certifying that the ex-serviceman has this disability and needs this equipment.
  • Modified scooter price from an authorized dealer and detailed scooter information.
  • Bank account number (PNB/SBI only) and IFSC code.

The life of mobility equipment is fixed at 10 years. Ex-servicemen can apply for new equipment again after 10 years. The application has to be submitted to the Zilla Sainik Board. The District Sainik Welfare Officer checks the application and if the application and documents are correct, sends them directly to the Kendriya Sainik Board. As soon as the application is received in Kendriya Sainik Board it is sent to the Welfare Section.

There, the clerk re-checks that application and if the application, documents are correct then puts them up to the Joint Director (Welfare) for signing. All the applications received in a month are put together for the approval of the Secretary, Kendriya Sainik Board / Competent Authority. After getting the approval, the welfare section sends the application to the account section for payment and the account section transfers the amount to the specified account.

As soon as the amount is paid in the account, then the ex-serviceman has to give this information to the Zilla Sainik Board and the Zilla Sainik Board informs the Kendriya Sainik Board about it.

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