Financial assistance to veer nari
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Financial Assistance Scheme to Ex-Servicemen and Veer Naris for house repairs.

Whenever a natural calamity occurs, it causes a lot of loss of life and property. When the disaster is very big then central and state government help but when the disaster happens at small level like flood in a district or village or land slide event on small level, damage happens. If the house of 100% disabled ex-servicemen / Veer Naris / orphan children is damaged in such a natural calamity, then a grant of Rs 20000 (maximum) is available from the Kendriya Sainik Board for its repair. This scheme was started in the year 1981 with Rs 2500.


The objective of this scheme is to provide financial assistance to orphan girls of all ranks (OFFR/JCO/OR) and Havildars or equivalent ranks, 100% disabled Ex-Servicemen/Veer Naris whose houses have been damaged in natural calamity, for the repair of their homes.

Prerequisites :-

  • Applicant must be an orphan daughter of all ranks.
  • Applicant should be 100% Disabled Ex-Serviceman/Veer Nari up to the rank of Havildar/Equivalent.
  • The house should be damaged only due to natural calamity notified by the Central/State Governments.
  • The application should be signed/recommended by the respective Zila Sainik Board and Rajya Sainik Board.

A copy of the following document is required to be signed by the District Sainik Welfare Officer and submitted to the District Sainik Board by applying:-

  • Copy of Service Discharge Book.
  • House Ownership Certificate.
  • A certificate by the state or revenue authorities to prove what caused the damage and the approximate amount of damage.
  • A certificate/notification issued by the State or Central Government certifying that the damage has been caused by a natural calamity.
  • 100% Disability Certificate for Ex-Servicemen/Veer Nari.
  • A certificate from the applicant that he has not taken any financial help from the government.
  • Bank account number (SBI/PNB only) and IFSC code.

The application has a prescribed format which has to be submitted along with the above mentioned documents and submitted to the Zila Sainik Board. In Zila Sainik Board, the District Sainik Welfare Officer checks these applications and if the application and documents are correct then they are sent in hard copy and soft copy to Rajya Sainik Board and Rajya Sainik Board checks and sends them to Kendriya Sainik Board.

As soon as the application comes to Kendriya Sainik Board it is sent to the Welfare Section, there the clerk re-checks the application and if the application, documents are correct, they put them up to the Joint Director (Welfare) for signing. All the applications received in 3 months are simultaneously put up for approval by the Competent Authority and supported by the Armed Forces Flag Day Fund.

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