Assistance to ESM orphan child
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Financial assistance to 100% disabled child of ESM.

100% handicapped child is completely dependent on his family, keeping this in mind, financial assistance of Rs 500 per month was started in 2007 for 100% disabled children of ex-servicemen / Veer Naris and increased it in the year 2011. Rs 1000 per month and from 01 Aug 2021 this amount was increased to Rs 3000 per month.

Aim of the Scheme:-

The objective of this grant is to provide financial assistance to 100% disabled children of Ex-Servicemen/Veer Naris.

Eligibility Conditions :-

  • The child should be a legitimate child of an Ex-Serviceman/Veer Woman.
  • The rank of Ex-Serviceman should be up to JCO/Samakshak.
  • The child must be 100% handicapped.
  • Should not be receiving disability benefits from any other government agency.
  • The application should be recommended from the concerned District Sainik Board.

The application has a prescribed format, which is to be submitted along with a copy of the following documents, attested by the District Sainik Welfare Officer.

  • Photocopy of Discharge Book (It is mandatory to have the name of the disabled child)
  • Photocopy of Dependent Card of Ex-Serviceman and Child.
  • 100% Disability Certificate issued by Military or Government Hospital.
  • Bank account number (SBI/PNB only) and IFSC code.

Submit the application and all the documents to the Zilla Sainik Board by 31st December every year. The District Sainik Welfare Officer checks the application and documents and sends them in hard copy and soft copy to the Rajya Sainik Board. The Rajya Sainik Board checks the application and sends it to the Kendriya Sainik Board. The application should be submitted to the Kendriya Sainik Board by 31st January. When 200 applications are received in Kendriya Sainik Board, a bundle is made and 200 applications are checked and they are signed by the Joint Director (Welfare) and sends them to the Account Section after verifying the Welfare Section Name, Account Number, IFSC Code and The accounts section makes payments every month. 

Subsequent Grant :-

Once the grant is approved, the child becomes eligible for a lifetime but he/she will have to submit the Life Certificate and Disability Certificate every year to the Zila Sainik Board by 31st December, which will be submitted to the Zilla Sainik Board by 31st March to the Kendriya Sainik Board. So that financial assistance continues to be available in the next financial year. The financial assistance will be stopped in the event of the death of the child. It is the responsibility of the District Sainik Board to inform the Kendriya Sainik Board about the child's death.

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