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How ESM can claim Children Education Allowance (CEA)?

CEA (Children Education Allowance) which is provided to the employees of the Central Government for the education of children, Defense Person gets even after pension. There are many ESMs who are not aware about this because they are not told about this type of scheme while coming to the pension, the Kendriya Sainik Board also does not promote such schemes much. Children Education Allowance Defense Person gets Rs 1000 per month per child. You can claim CEA for only two children. CEA allowance for ESM is claimed under Financial Assistance for Education of Children.

Eligibility for CEA

  1. The person applying for CEA should be ESM, Widow or its orphan dependent.
  2. The class for which you are claiming CEA, the child should have passed in the previous year, that means in 2022 you can claim CEA for the 2021-22 session.
  3. The applying ESM should be of the rank of Havildar or less and should be Petty Officer in Navy and Sergeant or less in Air Force.
  4. The application for Education Allowance should be recommended by the Zilla Sainik Board (ZSB).
  5. The applicant should not have claimed education allowance from the state government or any other employer.

According to the eligibility given above, you can claim CEA, now we will tell you which document you need to claim CEA.

Required documents for CEA

  • ESM's Service Book / Discharge Book (copy of the page in which ESM's personal number, rank and name, service details and family details are given)
  • ESM Identity Card / Widow Card issued by Zilla Sainik Board.
  • Marksheet and school progress report of the class for which you are claiming education allowance.
  • Part 2 Copy of the order in which the name and date of birth of the child is given or a copy of the discharge book in which the details of the child are given.
  • ESM also has to give a certificate that it is not claiming Children Education Allowance from the State Government or any other source.
  • Aadhar card copy.
  • Bank account details. Provide bank account number with IFSC code. Give the bank account number of SBI and PNB only.

You can claim CEA only from 1st to 12th class or up to undergraduate class of degree college.

Apart from this, you can download the application form from the official website of Kendriya Sainik Board. After downloading the application, you have to fill it properly and send it online with all the above mentioned documents in the Zilla Sainik Board.  After this, the Zilla Sainik Board verifies the application details and forwards it to the Rajya Sainik Board. After that CEA's application is approved after checking it in Kendriya Sainik Board. The schedule for forwarding this application form is given in the table below.

Class Timing
Class 1 - 9 and 11 May
Class 10 &12 July
Undergraduate course (non technical & non professional) August

Applications can be sent to the Zilla Sainik Board from the beginning of the month of May as per the schedule mentioned above. The last cut off month for claiming CEA is November, after that no application is accepted.

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