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Reservation and other benefits available to ESM in SSC CGL?

Staff Selection Commission releases the notification of SSC CGL every year in which different posts are released for different departments of the Central Government. As we have told in our previous post about ESM Reservation in Government Jobs. But in SSC CGL there are different posts for different groups. Retired Persons from Defense do not get the benefit of Reservation Quota in all posts.

10% reservation is given to Defense Person only in Group C posts. Now let's talk about those posts in which ESM reservation can be obtained. Along with this, we will also tell you that according to the 7th pay commission, that post comes in which pay band.

Ex servicemen reservation in SSC CGL

Post Pay Band
Inspector of Income Tax 44900 - 142400 (Pay Level 7)
Auditor 29200 - 92300 (Pay band - 5)
Accountant/ Junior Accountant 29200 - 92300 (Pay band - 5 )
Senior Secretariat Assistant 25500 - 81100 ( Pay band - 4)
Upper Divisional Clerk ( UDC) 25500 - 81100 ( Pay band - 4)
Tax Assistant 25500 - 81100 ( Pay band - 4)
Sub Inspector 25500 - 81100 ( Pay band - 4

All the posts given above are Group C posts. In which Retired Defense Person gets 10% reservation. For your information, let us tell you that this post is in different departments. For example, Tax Assistant is in both the CBDT and CBIC departments. That's why ESM gets reservation in all these posts, regardless of which ministry it is in.

Apart from this, ESM also gets other benefits. One of them is the relaxation in age limit. In these, the maximum age for some posts is 30 years and for some posts it is 27 years. Defense Person gets 3 years relaxation in age limit.

To calculate the age of Defense Person, his service is removed from his present age. The age left after that is considered his age. For example, if the present age of a defense person is 40 years. If he has served a total of 20 years, then his age is considered to be 40 – 20 = 20 years.

Relaxation of 3 years means that if the maximum age limit for a post is 30 years then the maximum age for ESM is 33 years. Now let's talk about those questions which are asked again and again.

Can serving defense person who is about to retire apply for SSC CGL?

Defense Serving Soldier who is about to retire after completing service can apply for SSC CGL under ESM quota. However, every time in the application of SSC CGL, a date is given that by when the retiring defense person can apply. For this, the serving defense person has to take a certificate from his commanding officer. You can also download the format of this certificate from the Internet.

What is the exemption in application fee for ESM while applying for SSC CGL?

The application fee for SSC CGL is Rs 100 only. But ESM does not have to pay the application fee. That is, the application fee of Defense Retired Person is zero.

How much relaxation does ESM get in education qualification?

The minimum education qualification for Group B and Group C posts is graduation. In which only Defense Person gets reservation in Group C post. ESM who has served at least 15 years in Defense Forces and has Indian Army Special Certificate of Education, or similar certificate of Air Force and Navy, then he is Group C. eligible for the post. That is, a Matriculation pass ESM who has served at least 15 years and has a special certificate will be considered at the same level as SSC CGL graduate.

Can I get reservation in SSC CGL even after getting a job under ESM reservation quota?

ESM is not eligible to get re-reservation benefit after getting Group C or Group D job in Central Government under ESM quota. But if the ESM immediately after joining the civil job, gives the details of other job applications applied by him to his employer then he is eligible for reservation. For this you can see Government Order No: 36034/1/2014-Estt (Res)dated 14.08.2014 issued by DoP&T. But after joining the job, you cannot get ESM reservation in the application applied for.

Do ESM dependents also get the benefit of ESM reservation quota?

No, only retired persons from defense can apply under ESM. ESM dependents do not get the benefit of ESM quota in SSC CGL.

Can Medical Board Out Defense Person who is getting pension apply under ESM quota?

Yes, any Defense Person or Recruit who is Medical Board out of Defense Force and is getting Disability Pension. He can apply for SSC CGL under ESM reservation.

Can I apply for ESM Group B post?

Yes, ESM can apply for Group B post of SSC CGL. But there is no separate reserved vacancy for ESM in Group B post. He only gets relaxation in age limit and no relaxation in education qualification.

Does the posting in SSC CGL stay in one place?

No, SSC CGL is a Pan India service. Therefore posting in it can be done anywhere in India.

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