Reservation benefits for ESM
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What are the benefits of ex servicemen in job reservation?

Whenever a soldier plans to retire from the Indian Army, the biggest worry in his mind is whether he will get a government job after retirement. It is true that the Indian government provides many facilities to the ESM, but apart from the benefits, it also needs a job. For the resettlement of ex-servicemen, the central government gives reservation to retired defense personnel in government jobs. Apart from the central government, there is also an ex-serviceman quota in the government jobs of the state. However, the percentage of ESM reservation in government jobs is different in each state. In this post, we will tell about the exemption given to ex-serviceman in government job.

First of all, we will talk about which defense personnel can get jobs under ESM reservation and what is their age limit for government jobs.

  • Ex-servicemen who have completed pension service and are in receipt of pension.
  • Ex-Servicemen who have retired before the age of 15 years from the army on account of medical grounds (attributable to military service) and are getting disability pension. In other words, Invalid Medical Board out (IMB) soldiers are also eligible for ESM quota in government jobs.

Relaxation in upper age limit for Ex-Servicemen

Whenever a retired defense person applies for a government job, the total service is deducted from his age and the remaining age is considered as his actual age. Apart from this, ex-servicemen get 3 years relaxation in age limit.

For example, if the maximum age limit for the recruitment of police constable is 21 years, then due to relaxation of 3 years, that age limit will be 24 years for ex-servicemen. If a retired Defense Person has retired at the age of 36 years after serving 16 years, then his actual age will be 36-16 = 20 years and he will be eligible for recruitment of Police Constable till 4 years after retirement.

For your information, let us tell you that if a retired defense person gets a job under the Ex-servicemen quota, then he cannot get the job again under the Ex-servicemen quota, but he will get age relaxation in other jobs as well.

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