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Fauji Udan Travel Service for Defense Person

The defense person travels to different places during the service. So he needs train reservation or flight ticket booking. Train ticket price is fixed but flight ticket price is dynamic. That is, it keeps changing very quickly. Therefore, many times the defense person has to pay a high price in flight ticket booking. Most of the time the defense person is not able to claim even the LTC of the flight ticket.

There are many options for booking flight tickets for defense personnel. But today we will talk about another flight ticket booking app. The name of this app is Fauji Udaan.

Fauji Udan App 

As the name suggests, this app is designed to provide flight ticket booking service to defense personnel only. In this app, defense personnel can book flight tickets under military quota. For your information, let us tell you that almost all airline companies like Air India, Indigo, Spice Jet, Go Air, GoFirst, Vistara etc. give 50% discount on base fare to defense personnel. This discount is available to all serving Defense Persons, Retired Defense Persons, Dependents and Paramilitary Persons on flight bookings.

In addition to military discount, you can also check the normal price of flight tickets in the Fauji Udan app, which does not include military quota. For your information, let us tell you that sometimes the civil ticket price is less than the price of the military quota. Because airline companies give extra discount to civil customers which is not applicable in defense quota. Therefore, the civil flight ticket price becomes less than the defense quota ticket price. While booking flight tickets, book tickets by comparing both the prices.

Convenience Fee

Military Discount for Defense Person is available in almost all travel apps. But apart from this, travel companies charge a convenience fee for booking flight tickets, which is in addition to the flight ticket price. Convenience fees vary for all travel apps.

Usually this convenience fee ranges from Rs.250 to Rs.300/person/ticket. For example, if you book 3 flight tickets by paying 10000, then you have to pay the total convenience fee of Rs 750 if the convenience fee is Rs 250 per person per ticket. If you book 1 ticket for Rs 10000 then you have to pay only Rs 250 convenience fee to the travel app.

But this is not the case in the Fauji Udan app. Fauji Udaan does not charge Convenience Fee to Defense Persons as per /Person/Ticket. This app charges the defense person a convenience fee as per the ticket price which is usually around 3%. If you book 3 tickets for 10000 rupees from Fauji Udan app then the convenience fee will be around 300 rupees which is very less as compared to /person/tickets.

Similarly in single ticket. For a single ticket in Rs 3000, the convenience fee is Rs 250 to Rs 300, while in the Fauji Udan app, 3% - 4% has to be paid around Rs 100. Cancellation fees are also applicable at the time of cancellation. You can also save money in the same way while canceling.

Fauji Udaan is currently available on Google Play Store. Apart from this, you can also book tickets from the Fauji Udaan website.

Fauji Udan

Fauji Udan Customer Service

Customer service must be checked before taking any online service. If for some reason the flight has to be canceled or rescheduled, then do not worry. Fauji Udan App provides 2 types of support to Defense Person.

  • Call Support - Defense Person can get information related to ticket booking by calling 7406631234 & 7406671234 before, during or after ticket booking.
  • Email Support – You can also contact the Fauji Udan app through email. For email support, you can email at faujiudaan@gmail.com & etickets@faujiudan.in.

Friends, this was the information about Fauji Udan App. Flight prices are the same across all travel apps but you can save a lot of money in the convenience fee. Especially when you travel with family. At that time the convenience fee is very high depending on the time/person/ticket.

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