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Full form of terms used in Indian Army Pay Slip.

Defense Person in Indian Army gets salary credit in Defense Salary Package (DSP Account) every month. By the way, the main part of salary is basic pay and dearness allowance. But apart from this, there are allowances like Field Area Allowance, Children Education Allowance, Ration Allowance, House Rent Allowance,  and many other allowances which are credited with the payment every month.

The full details of the salary of the defense person are kept in the pay slip of the defense person, but instead of the full form of all the allowances, the short form is given. Due to which there is a lot of difficulty in understanding the soldiers. In this post, we will tell you the full form of all the short forms used in the pay slip, after which you will be able to easily understand the payment details in your pay slip and the accurate information of part 2 order. The full form of terms used in pay slip are given in tabla below.

AL Annual Leave
AMT REC Amount Recovery
ABF Actual Bus Fare
ACTGA Acting Allowance Grant
ADINC Adhoc Increment Pay
AGIF Army Group Insurance Fund
APPT Appointment
AV PAY Aviation Pay
AWL Absence Without Leave
AT CORR Audit Correction
ATTEST DT Attestation Date
BASIC Basic Pay
BHUTAN Bhutan Pay
BHUTDA Bhutan Dearness Allowance
CANCEL Cancellation
CB PRINC Closing Balance Principle
CATG Category
CCA City Compensatory Allowance
CCOTH City Compensatory Other Town Allowance
CCZ City Compensatory Z Class
CEA Children Education Allowance
CFAA Compensatory Field Area Allowance
CHAFAA Compensatory High Active Field Area Allowance
CILQ Compensation In Lieu of Quarter
CLOA Clothing Allowance
CL PAY Class Pay
CMFAA Compensatory Modified Field Area Allowance
CONA Conveyance Allowance
CONVR Concession Voucher
COMDIS Disability Element of Pension
CPHTC Cash Price Hindi Type Writing
DA Dearness Allowance
DAILY Daily Allowance for Halt at Temp Duty
DEPSPF Deputation to Special Force
DIETCH Diet Charge
DISCH Discharge
EXTNAL Extension of Annual Leave
ENCASH Encashment of Annual Leave
EC Education Cess
ELARM Excess Consumption of Electricity
FAA Family Accommodation Allowance
FAMO Family Allotment Order
FOR LAG Foreign Language Allowance
FRA Fresh Ration Allowance
GS PAY Good Service Pay
H PAY Half Pay
HAUCL High Altitude/Uncongenial Climate
HCOMMN Grant of Honorary Commission
HRA House Rent Allowance
HRANK Honorary Rank
HOSSUB Hostel Subsidy
INCR Increment
INSTAL Instructional Allowance
INT Interest
LRA Lower Rate of Ration Allowance
LSGCM Long Service and Good Conduct Medal
LTC Leave Travel Concession
LUGGAG Luggage Charge
LST Loss Statement
MACPS Modified Assured Career Progression
MAT DT Maturity Date
MCA Multi Clothing Allowance
MS PAY Military Service Pay
NRA Normal Rate of Ration Allowance
PAN Personal Account Number
PARANK Paid Acting Rank
PLI Postal Life Insurance
POSIN Posting In
SCCIA Special Compensatory Counter Insurgency
REGAL Regularisation of Absence
REGOSL Regularisation of Overstay Leave
REJTYPE Rejection Type
RED WDLS Refund Withdrawal
PMHA Personal Maintenance Hygiene Allowance
RMC Reimbursement of Medical Claim
RLWAR Cost of Railway Warrent
SNLQ Single Compensation in Lieu of Quarter
LAWARD Language Award
MTH Month
PBSN Pay Book Serial Number
PCA Pedal Cycle Allowance
PAYFIX Pay Fixation
SGAGN Special Compensatory Allowance
SIACHN Siachin Allowance
STRINC Family Planning Allowance
REJAL/CL Rejoining AL/ CL
SRA Special Ration Allowance
SUBSCN Subscription
SB DT Substantive Date
TJRA Temporary Duty Journey Period Ration Allowance
TYRJ Temporary Duty Move Return Journey Period
TPTL Transport Allowance Lower Rate
TPTH Transport Allowance Higher Rate
TPAL Transport Allowance
TCA Training Centre Allowance
TYOJ Temp Duty Move On Journey Period
TFRGTH Transfer Grant
TOT RFD Total Refund Withdrawls
VR NO Voucher Number
WEAF Excess Consumption of Water and Electricity

Friends, this was the full form of the short form used in the Indian Army Salary Slip.

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