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How defense person can start a security agency?

Defense person has the most experience in security. Whenever someone talks about security in civil, first of all defense person comes to mind. This is the reason why security agency is one of the best business for defense person in civil. Today we will talk about how defense personnel can start a security agency. What documents are required for this, who can open it and how much investment is required to start the security service.

Security Service Name

To start security service, first of all you have to name the security agency.

That's why keep the name thoughtfully, the name should be such that everyone can remember it easily and the name should be related to the security service. Keep two things in mind while finalizing the name

1. Its domain name should be available – For your information, let us tell you that the domain name is the name of the website, like, the link to the website itself is called the domain name. If the domain name is not available then definitely think of changing the name of your security service agency. Today it is necessary for every business to have a website.
Because when your security agency will function, you get many contracts through the website.

That's why while naming the security agency, do check the domain name. 

2. Trademark Registration – While keeping the name of the security agency, you have to keep in mind that no one has registered that name before. If you have not checked the trademark and have kept such a name which has been registered by someone earlier, then in that situation that person may object later and you may have to change the name of your agency. This often happens when your security agency becomes popular. That's why do check the trademark while keeping the name.

Security agency logo

After finalizing the name, get the logo of the security agency made. You can get the logo of security agency from the market as well and there are many platforms online on which you can order logo from freelancer.

After getting the logo, decide the operational area of ??your security agency. In this, you have to decide where you want to provide security services.  On the basis of this area, your security agency license is made, which is called PSARA license. The operational area can be one district, 2 districts, or a complete state.

Security agency office set up

After finalizing the operational area, you have to take office on rent for the security agency in the operational areas. The office should be located in a commercial property which is a necessary term condition for PSARA license. 

After taking the office on rent, make a rent agreement with the owner of the office space. After this, you can set up your office by purchasing furniture and other necessary items in your office. Along with the office, also take a new mobile number which you will use for the security agency.

Security agency visiting card

After all this, you have to get the visiting card of the security agency printed. 

Get the name of the security company, logo, your name, office address and mobile number of the security agency printed on the visiting card. It is very important to get the visiting card printed because whenever you visit a company for the contract of security agency, you have to give visiting card for appointment.

Contact CA

After doing all these processes, you have to contact a CA who will help you in preparing the documents for the security agency. 

CA requires you to prepare the documents given below.

  1. Company Registration – There are many types of company registration but in starting you can register in Proprietorship or Partnership. If you are single owner then register in properitorship If you are starting in partnership with someone then register partnership firm.
  2. Trademark Registration – Apart from this, the people and name of the security company which you have decided, you should also register it. So that in future no one can use the name of your agency or later no one can register and object.
  3. PAN Card or GST Registration – After the company registration, the CA will also apply for the PAN card of the company.  For your information, let us tell you that you do not need a GST number until the turnover of your company reaches 20 lakhs. By the way, you can also take GST number because there are many companies which deal only with GST registered security agencies. After taking GST, you have to file GST every month whether your agency has worked or not. For GST filing,  CA will charge you fees every month. You can decide the GST as per your requirement.
  4. EPF Account – Also known as Employee Provident Fund. CA will also open the EPF account of your agency. Although EPF account is required when there are at least 20 employees in your company, but it is required while taking PSARA license and security contract.
  5. ESI Account – Whose full form is Employees State Insurance Scheme. This is a contributory insurance scheme for the employee. ESI is also required like EPF.

After doing all this, you can apply for PSARA license which is the most important document to run a security agency. Now let's talk about how much investment you will have to make in the process till here.

Security Service Agency Investment

If we talk from the beginning, then domain name and website have to be made for the security agency, in which about 7000 rupees need to be invested. In this, there will be a domain name of about Rs.500, web hosting of Rs.2500 and website developer's fee of Rs.4000.

After this the government fee for trademark registration is Rs.4500 and the CA will charge approximately Rs.1000 for trademark registration. That's why you have to pay a total of Rs 5500 for trademark registration.

So till now Rs 12500 has been invested in total, both of these are optional for the security agency. If you want you can skip both of these but both of them are very important. If you want to operate your security agency on a large scale, then you will need both of these very much.

It will take about 1000 rupees to make the logo and visiting card of the security agency.

There will be around 10000 / month for office rent and around 40000 rupees will have to be invested for furniture and essential items in the office.

After this, comes the documentation and CA fees. All the documents that we have talked about till now, will be ready and given by the CA for around Rs.4000.

You can see the total investment of the process so far for starting a security agency in the table below.

Description Investment
Full Website 7000
Trademark Registration 5500
Logo & Visiting Card 1000
Office Rent 10000
Office Furniture  40000
CA Fee 4000
Total Investment 67500

After all this process is complete, you have to do two things. One is to sign MOU with Security Training Institute and second is to apply for PSARA license.

Will talk about these two in detail in the next post. After that, you will be able to calculate the total investment required to start the security agency. If you like this post then you can share it with other defense persons by clicking on above share button.

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