Defense pension types
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Types of defense pension & its calculation

Defense pension is very helpful to ESM in post retirement life. Defense pension is also of many types and is given to the ESM or his widowed wife on the basis of merit. For pension also, the defense person has to fulfill certain conditions of service, only after that he is eligible for defense pension. It is very important for ESM to have complete knowledge of Defense Pension. However, after the implementation of Agneepath scheme, only those 25% soldiers will be eligible for pension who will be permanent after 4 years in the army and will complete minimum service for the entire pension.

After independence, there were many shortcomings in the defense pension, as a result of which there was a huge difference between the pension of the same service and the same rank. In the year 2014, the central government removed such loopholes through One Rank One Pension (OROP). However, from time to time the demand for further improvement is being raised by the ex-servicemen, which is also necessary.

For your information, let us tell you that only Defense Persons get pension in all government jobs in India and NPS (National Pension Scheme) is applicable in all other government jobs. From the year 2004, the provision of pension under NPS has also been made for the Paramilitary Force which works along with the Defense Force.

In this post, we will talk about the different types of defense pension received by the Defense Person and how much pension the ESM gets after retirement. Pension to Defense Person is given by PCDA Pension Department.

Type of Defense Pension

1.Service Pension

Service pension is available to JCO and PBOR only after completing the pension qualifying service. It is mandatory for JCO and PBOR to complete at least 15 years of service to get service pension. The pension service for NCE is 20 years. If any defense person takes discharge of his own free will before 15 years of service, then he does not get service pension.

Service pension is 50% of the emolument received at the time of retirement. While calculating pension, 50% of Basic Pay + Military Service Pay + Class Pay + X Group Pay is available as service pension. Service pension cannot be less than Rs 3500. JCO and other ranks can also commute up to 50% of the service pension.

2. Disability Pension

Disability pension is given to those soldiers of the army who have retired due to disability. For disability pension, the soldier should have a disability attributable to military service. In other words, the disability caused to the soldier must be due to military service. After 15 years of military service, service pension is also available along with disability pension.

Calculation of disability pension

Whenever a soldier is involved out of service, his disability % is assessed by the medical board. Disability pension is available only on the basis of disability %.

The soldier who has 100% disability gets a disability pension of 30% of the last emolument (Basic Pay + Military Service Pay + Class Pay + Group Pay). For example, if the last emolument of a soldier is Rs 40,000, he gets a disability pension of Rs 12,000 per month.

Similarly, if the disability % is less then his disability pension also decreases in proportion to the disability %. For your information, let us tell you that disability from 20% to 49% will be considered as 50% disability element. There is a provision of 100% disability pension for 75% to 75% disability and 75% to 75% disability from 76% to 100%.

Less than 20% disability does not get disability pension. ESM can appeal for disability pension twice. He has to appeal within 6 months from the date of rejection of disability pension.

Special Family Pension

Special Family Pension is posthumously available to the Soldier's NOK (Next of Kin) if the disease or injury causing the death is attributable to Military Service. Special family pension is not available if the age of the soldier is more than 60 years at the time of death or death is due to suicide.

The widowed wife of the soldier gets special family pension for the whole life if she does not remarry otherwise she gets special family pension till remarriage.

Special Family Pension NOK gets special family pension if the beneficiaries of special family pension are children, then the eldest eligible child gets special family pension till the age of 25 years or till marriage whichever is earlier, after that special family pension is transferred to the next child. She goes.

How special family pension is calculated?

Special family pension is 60% of the last recognized emolument (Basic Pay + Military Service Pay + Class Pay + Group Pay). Special family pension should be at least Rs 7000 and there is no maximum limit for special family pension.

Liberalised Family Pension

If the death or disability of a defense person occurs during wartime or in combat-like condition, while laying or clearing border mines, during any anti-terrorist operation or in peace keeping missions or similar missions, then NOK of JCO and PBOR is liberalised. family pension is available.

Calculation of Liberalised Family Pension

Liberalised family pension is equal to the last emolument of the defense person. Emolument includes Basic Pay, Military Service Pay, Class Pay, X Group Pay. If the defense person does not have a widowed wife, then her children get 60% of the last emolument till the age of 25, after that liberalized family pension is transferred to the next eligible child. If none of these is NOK, then the parents of casuality get this pension, for this some terms condition have to be fulfilled.

Apart from this, a lump sum amount is also given to the family, which ranges from 10 lakhs to 20 lakhs. The lump sum amount depends on the type of casuality and the situation.

Ordinary Family Pension

Ordinary Family Pension is available to the family of Defense Soldier who died in service or after retirement. If the death is post-retirement, the ESM should be receiving service pension, disability pension, invalid pension or special pension.

Ordinary Family Pension is given to the NOK of those Defense Persons who have not died due to military service. Ordinary family pension is less in comparison to other pensions and is revised by the government from time to time.

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