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How to save money by choosing the best plan for car insurance?

Buying a new car and getting insurance is compulsory. Even if car insurance is not mandatory, it should be done for your own safety. As per the Vehicle Act, the delivery of the car is given only after it is insured. This is the reason that whenever you go to buy a new car, the showroom owner tells you the ex-showroom price of the car as well as the amount of insurance. Because he knows that the delivery of the car will be given only after getting insurance.

Many a times, getting insurance from the showroom costs the customer Rs 6000 to 10000 more. If the customer wants, then this money can be easily saved by insurance. In this post we will talk about which policy should be taken. Tips with which you can easily save your money while buying a new car. First let's talk about the types of car insurance.

Types of Car Insurance

It is mainly of 4 types.

Liability cover

It is mandatory to get this insurance done under the Motor Vehicle Act 1988. Third party insurance cover is available in this insurance. If an accident occurs due to the fault of the car owner, the damage caused to the other vehicle owner is compensated under the liability cover. This insurance covers the damage caused to the other vehicle and the medical bills for the treatment of injury to the driver or passenger.

Collision cover

With this insurance cover, the insurance company pays the entire cost of repairing the car after the accident. Many times the repair cost is more than the market value of the car, in that situation the insurance company pays the insurance money equal to the market value of the car.

Personal Injury Cover

Under this insurance policy, the damage caused to the car owner due to accident is compensated. This policy pays money in case of the cost of treatment after injury to the driver or passenger in an accident.

Comprehensive insurance cover

This car insurance covers all risk factors. This car insurance covers damages to the car, personal injury, third party (with whom the accident happened) car damage, third party driver and passenger insurance. In this cover, in addition to the collision of the car, the damage caused by natural calamities like flood, storm, fire etc. is also compensated by the insurance company.

By reading all these types of car insurance, you must have understood which plan you should take. Whenever you get your new car, keep the following tips in mind while taking an insurance plan.

Tips for choosing the best car insurance

  1. While getting a new car insurance, first decide which insurance you want to take.
  2. Get the car insurance done at zero depreciation. If it is done at zero depreciation, then the insurance company will fully compensate for the loss.
  3. The insurance of the new car should be bumper to bumper. That is, if there is any damage in the car, then you will get the insurance claim money. Most of the insurance policies do not cover the plastic material, tire or tire tube in the insurance. So first make sure that the insurance is done bumper to bumper.
  4. Before taking insurance, make sure that how many times the company is offering insurance claim. That is, if the car damage has happened 3 times in a year, then the company is compensating for the loss all three times or only once.
  5. After knowing all this information, compare insurance plans online. Find out which company is offering the best and cheapest insurance policy.
  6. Always get insurance done from reputed company which gives good insurance claim service.

Tips To Get Discount On Car Insurance

When you go to the showroom to buy a new car, ask the car dealer only the ex-showroom price of the car. If the sales person of the showroom tells you the ex-showroom price of the car by adding the insurance money, then ask him to tell you only the price of the car. Tell him that if he gets a good discount on insurance, then only he will get insurance from the showroom, otherwise ask to do online car policy himself.

After this, the day before you go to take the delivery of the car, compare the car insurance policy online. By entering the car model, etc., you will easily get the details of all the company's car insurance policies. You will get this car insurance from Rs 5000 to Rs 8000 cheaper than the price quoted by the showroom sales person on the insurance policy.

Car Insurance You can compare car insurance policies of all companies by visiting the website of Policy Bazaar. If you have any doubts related to this, then you can also talk to Policy Bazaar Customer Care. He will explain you all the details and price of car insurance very well.

After this, choose two to three insurance plans according to your need. The day the car goes for delivery, ask the sales person about car insurance. When he tells the car insurance price, then tell him about the online car insurance policy. Ask him about the discount or ask him to get the car insurance done online. In this way you will easily get discount from Rs 5000 to Rs 8000.
Even if it does not offer discount, you can still do online car insurance from the showroom itself. In most cases, the showroom manager will give you a discount. In this way you can save your money in car insurance.

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