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How to Download New PPO, Pension Slip and Form 16 in Sparsh Portal

Before Sparsh, our pension used to come from banks and the bank used to give us pension slips every month and also used to get Form-16 and TDS certificate every year. With which we used to file our income tax returns, but because now the pension of all the retired soldiers has been shifted from the bank to Sparsh, then the next question is arising that from where will we get our pension slips. Where can we download our new Sparsh PPO? This question is arising in the mind of all of us. You will get answers to all of your questions through this post. In this news, we will inform you that how you can download your pension slip, form 16 and new PPO from Sparsh portal and take a print out of it and keep it for your records.

Login to Sparsh Portal

You can do this work very easily from your laptop, computer or mobile. First of all you have to go to Google page and type Sparsh then you will get the website of Sparsh in google search results. Click on it.

As soon as the Sparsh portal opens, there is a login option on the right side, clicking on it, a new screen will open. In which you have to login with your User ID and Password. You have received your User ID and Password on your email ID and the s.m.s.  Keep in mind that the first time you login to the Sparsh portal with your User ID and Password, it is very important for you to verify your pensioner data. Because only then you will see these four options in your profile.

  • Pension slip
  • Identification
  • My profile
  • Track service request

And on the left side menu, you will see 11  small symbols. After the first login, you cannot download anything until you verify your pensioner data. After verifying personal data, logout and login again. Only then you will see four icons in the right side. Now if you want to download PPO, then click on the second option My Document from the bottom left side. After clicking on My Document, your options of Verification, Pension Slip, PPO, Form 16 will appear. On which you can click and download it in PDF format and keep it for your records. For information related to SPARSH, you can check this video playlist of Fouji Adda YouTube channel.

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