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Important information related to Sparsh Pension Portal

The full form of SPARSH is System for Pension Administration (RAKSHA). In this article, we will talk about some important questions related to touch.

Purpose of Sparsh: Right Pension at Right Time

Sparsh is an automatic system through which the pension of the pensioners is approved and deposited directly into their bank account. Through this portal, the pensioner can get complete information about his pension and can make any information, complaint or request related to pension. This portal is operated by PCDA (P), Prayagraj. This portal was implemented in four phases, for Defense Civilian in Oct 2020, Indian Air Force in Feb 2021, Indian Navy in Jun 2021 and Indian Army in Aug 2021. Pensioners who retired before these dates Those too are gradually being shifted to the 'Sparsh' portal and by the end all 33 lakh defense pensions will be shifted to Sparsh. Under this, the PCDA (P) will do the work of both the Pension Sanctioning Authority (PSA), the Pension Disbursing Authority (PDA).

Do pension holders have to open another account due to shift in 'Sparsh'?

No . Even after shifting in 'Sparsh', the pension will come in the same account in which it used to come earlier.

Is it mandatory for pension holders to register or open an account on 'Sparsh'?

No. But as soon as a new pensioner has a pension connection or the old pensioner is shifted to the 'Sparsh' portal, the system automatically creates the account of that pensioner in 'Sparsh' and his login ID and password will be with that pensioner on his registered mobile number. and sent to the email ID. If the pensioner wants, he can login to his personal pension account with this login ID and password, it is not mandatory.

Can pension holders submit life certificate on SPARSH?

No. But all 'Sparsh' pension holders can submit their life certificate at any 'Sparsh' service center on the Jeevan Pramaan portal. Pension holders can also submit life certificate online using Jeevan Pramaan Face application from their Android mobile or can visit 4.5 lakh common service center for any pension related assistance. More than 800 branches of SBI, PNB and Kotak Mahindra Bank also provide this service.

Can a pensioner complain about pension related problems or get any other service?

Yes. As soon as a complaint, request or query is entered on the 'Sparsh' portal, a tracking number is generated and sent to the pensioner via SMS/email which can be tracked by the pensioner.

Benefits of Sparsh: - Pension or claim will now come directly to your account from PCDA(P).

  • After retirement, on average, the pension used to come after 6 months, now the pension comes in the first month itself.
  • Can check pension details like basic pension, disability pension, other entitlements and download pay slip.
  • You can download the copy of PPO. You can see the rate of dearness allowance.
  • You can see the complete information about the commutation from when you will get the full pension.
  • You can register and track your complaint or suggestion online.

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