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AGIF Computer Loan Interest Rate & Loan Process Information

AGIF also provides car loan and computer loan in addition to home loan and scholarship to the serving soldier. In this post we will talk about AGIF Computer loan. All Defense Serving Soldiers can take AGIF computer loan. Important information related to this is as follows

AGIF Computer Loan

Serving Soldiers who are paying AGIF subscription can take AGIF computer loan up to Rs 45000. This amount is the maximum. This amount is the maximum. Computer loan cannot be taken more than Rs 45000. If you buy a laptop or computer of less than this amount, then you get that amount in the form of computer loan.

AGIF Computer Loan Interest Rate

An interest rate of 9% is charged on this loan. The interest rate also changes from time to time but it remains only around 9%. Apart from this, the entire amount is recovered as EMI in 4 years with interest. That is, the final amount is extracted by applying 9% interest on the amount given to you as a computer loan. EMI is taken out by dividing that amount by 48 months. For example, if you get a loan of Rs 45000, then you have to pay about Rs 54500 with interest in 4 years. Whose EMI section of each month is Rs 1140. This amount is approx, so the EMI can be as low as Rs 50.

One of the advantages of taking a computer loan from AGIF is that the EMI is automatically debited from the salary. In the pay slip, you also get to know how much amount is still left.

Now let's talk about the necessary documents.

Required Documents

  1. Original Computer Price Quotation
  2. Canceled Cheque (Account to which money is to be credited)
  3. Latest salary slip
  4. Loan application

After preparing all these documents, they are sent from the unit to AGIF Bhawan Delhi through proper channel. After that the documents are verified. AGIF Computer Loan is credited to the bank account in 15 to 20 days if all the documents are correct.

Defense person can buy computer after getting computer loan. After purchasing the computer, its bill is sent to AGIF for verification. By which it is confirmed that the computer has been purchased from the computer loan taken.

For more information, Defense Person can contact on the official contact number of AGIF. From there they will get all the information.

AGIF Contact Number



Disclaimer :- This is not an official App of Indian Armed Forces. Therefore, for any information related to the loan, contact on the official number of AGIF only. The purpose of this app is to provide correct information only and this information cannot be used for official purpose.

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