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Defense Persons can save Rs.700 extra on flight tickets.

A 50% discount on base fare of flight tickets for Armed Forces is easily available on every app. But today, we bring you such a discount offer which is really the best. PayTM is offering 50% Armed Forces Discount plus 15% Extra Discount to all Defense Personnel. Apart from this, only Yatra is an app which is giving 10% discount in addition to Armed Forces Discount to Defense Person. Barring these two, all other travel companies promote Armed Forces Discount only.  In this post, by taking an example, we will tell how this offer of PayTM is the best.

PayTM Armed Forces Flight Discount

First of all, open PayTM app. After that, scroll down and go to the Travel section. In the Travel section, click on Flight Tickets. In this post, I will tell you through an example how you can save more money by booking flight tickets on PayTM. We will book a ticket from Delhi to Mumbai for 10th November and also apply Armed Forces Discount.

After selecting Armed Forces discount, click on Search Flights. After that the next page will open in which the list of all the available flights will be shown with the price. For your information, let us tell you that Defense Quota has been applied in all these flights and 50% discount of Armed Forces has also been added in the given price.

As you can see in the above photo, the cheapest flight is of Go First which costs Rs 3597. This is the only discount the defense person gets whenever they book a flight ticket from any app. Along with this price, about Rs 300 is also charged for the convenience fee. If you will book same ticket from any app then minimum price will be 3597 + 300 (conveyance fee) = Rs 3897.  

That is, even with the defense quota, this ticket will be around Rs 3900. But this is not the case with PayTM. You have to select the flight according to your convenience and press the Next button. After that the next page will open whose photo is given below.

As can be seen in the photo above, you have to apply the coupon of Defense Person given by PayTM. For this, you have to click on the button labelled View offer. See photo above for convenience. By clicking on it, a new page will open whose photo is given below.

You have to apply JAIHIND code to avail PayTM discount. After which there will be a discount of 15% in your flight ticket price. After entering JAIHIND, click on APPLY PROMOCODE button. After this the flight discount code will be applied.

As you can see in the above photo that after applying JAIHIND code there is a 15% discount i.e. a discount of Rs 540. Since the ticket price is only Rs 3597, the discount is Rs 540. If the ticket price is around Rs 5000 then this discount will be up to Rs 700. With the help of this coupon, you can get a maximum discount of up to Rs.700. For your information, let us tell you that PayTM also charges a convenience fee from the customer, which is around Rs 300. Convenience fee is also added to the final price of flight tickets.

As can be seen in the above photo that the convenience fee of Rs.319 has been added to the price of this ticket. After this the final ticket price will be Rs 3376, which has to be paid by the defense person. When you book this ticket from any other app without PayTM discount then you have to pay approx Rs 3900. Whereas on PayTM you are able to book the same ticket for Rs 3376. In this way the defense person is able to save around Rs 524 on a single ticket. If the flight ticket price is high then you can save up to Rs.700/- with JAIHIND coupon.

As you know, with every discount, there are certain terms and conditions. The terms & conditions of this discount are as follows.

  • Defense Persons can get 15% discount by using JAIHIND Coupons. The maximum discount will be Rs 700.
  • There is no minimum price limit for this. That is, you can apply this Armed Forces Coupon Code on any ticket irrespective of its price.
  • This offer can be used by one customer only once in a month.
  • This offer is available for serving, retired defense persons and their dependents.
  • The user has to show a valid ID card at the time of departure.

This is very important discount code that can be used by every defense person. So if you find this post useful, then share it with other defense person by clicking on the Share button given at the beginning of the post. Click here to get Defense Welfare News on Telegram.

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