Hyundai Exter CSD price
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Hyundai Exter CSD Price, its availability and eligibility

The eagerly awaited Hyundai Exter has made a grand entry into the Indian market, capturing the attention of SUV enthusiasts with its attractive features and affordable pricing. However, for defense personnel, the real excitement lies in the possibility of the Exter being listed in the CSD AFD Portal.

This anticipated listing would make the Exter an enticing option for all ranks of defense personnel, offering them the opportunity to own a feature-packed SUV at a reduced price and with additional benefits. 

Is Hyundai Exter available in CSD Canteen?

As of today 29 July, 2023, the Hyundai Exter is not yet available in the CSD AFD Portal. However, based on the typical timeline for new cars to be listed in the CSD, defense personnel can expect to see the Exter in the CSD Canteen within 4-6 months.

The waiting period might be challenging, but the prospect of owning a Hyundai Exter through the CSD, with its associated benefits and reduced price, makes the wait worthwhile for many defense personnel eager to own this stylish and practical SUV. 

CSD Canteen Eligibility for Exter

As per its civil exshowroom price, it is expected that defense personnel of all ranks would be eligible to buy this vehicle through CSD Canteen. It would be confirmed only after listing in CSD AFD Portal.

Affordable Luxury for Defense Personnel

The Hyundai Exter is positioned as an entry-level SUV with a price range starting from Rs 5.99 lakh (introductory, ex-showroom) to Rs 9.32 lakh (ex-showroom). Its affordable price, along with the 50% rebate in GST applicable to defense personnel in CSD Canteen, will make it even more accessible to those serving or retired from the armed forces.

For defense personnel looking for a budget-friendly SUV that doesn't compromise on style, comfort, and performance, the Exter might just be the perfect fit. Its striking design, coupled with an array of features, will undoubtedly make it an attractive option for many in the military community.

Hyundai Exter Feature-Rich Interior

The Hyundai Exter boasts a well-designed and comfortable interior that enhances the overall driving experience. The 8-inch touchscreen infotainment system with support for Apple Car Play and Android Auto ensures seamless connectivity and entertainment options during journeys.

The semi-leatherette seats, automatic climate control, electric sunroof, and digital instrument cluster provide a touch of luxury to the cabin. Additionally, the Exter comes with connected car features, voice command support, and various other functionalities, aligning it with the preferences of tech-savvy consumers.

Safety Features

Safety is of utmost importance, especially for defense personnel who might face challenging road conditions during their service. The Hyundai Exter addresses this concern by equipping all its variants with a standard set of safety features, including six airbags, Hill Assist Control (HAC), Electronic Stability Control (ESC), Vehicle Stability Management (VSM), and ABS with Electronic Brakeforce Distribution (EBD).

These safety features provide peace of mind to the driver and passengers, ensuring a safe and secure journey wherever their duty takes them.

Powertrain Options for Varied Needs

The Hyundai Exter offers two engine options to cater to different preferences and driving requirements. The 1.2-liter naturally aspirated petrol engine with 82 bhp of power and 114 Nm of torque provides a balanced blend of performance and efficiency. Customers can choose between a 5-speed AMT or a 5-speed manual gearbox to suit their driving style.

For those who prioritize fuel efficiency and environmental consciousness, the 1.2-liter petrol engine with CNG compatibility is an appealing choice. Generating 68 bhp of power and 95 Nm of torque, this engine exclusively pairs with a 5-speed manual gearbox and offers an impressive fuel efficiency of 27.1 km/kg.

In Conclusion

The Hyundai Exter holds the promise of being an excellent choice for defense personnel once it is listed in the CSD AFD Portal. With its competitive pricing, feature-rich interior, and robust safety measures, the Exter offers a compelling package for those in the armed forces. As the anticipation for its CSD listing grows, the Hyundai Exter stands ready to become a popular and sought-after choice among the military community in India.

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