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8th Pay Commission: Latest news, dates, and expectations

If you are a government employee or pensioner, then this news is for you. Government employees and pensioners have been demanding the setting up of the 8th Pay Commission for a long. Now its discussion has become more intense because the 8th Pay commission is scheduled to be implemented from Jan 2026.

Employees are thinking that the government can set up the 8th pay commission before the upcoming election. But the government has made its stand very clear regarding this and has said that the government is not under consideration regarding the 8th Pay Commission. 

So let us know what signals are being received from the government regarding the formation of the 8th Pay Commission and when 48.67 lakh government employees and 67.95 lakh pensioners will get the good news of its implementation.

And today we will also discuss in detail, what changes you can expect if the 8th Pay Commission is implemented. So stay tuned to this article to know everything about the 8th Pay Commission. Before going further, let's discuss what pay commissions are. 

What are pay commissions?

In short for better understanding, pay commissions are special committees formed by the central government in India to periodically review and recommend changes to the salary structure of government employees. The first pay commission in the country was constituted in January 1946. Since 1947, 7 pay commissions have been constituted.

At the same time, the last i.e. 7th Pay Commission was formed on February 28, 2014, and was implemented from 1 Jan 2016. The pay structure of central government employees has been revised every 10 years by setting up pay commissions.

8th Pay Commission latest news

The Central Government has increased the dearness allowance (DA) and dearness relief of its employees and pensioners by 4 percent. Now the DA rate has reached 50%. The rule is that as soon as the DA rate crosses fifty percent, there is a change in the salary and allowances of the employees. As the DA has touched the 50% mark, the changes in allowance structure will be updated in the upcoming post.

Employees are now waiting for the formation of the 8th Pay Commission. SB Yadav, general secretary of the Confederation of Central Government Employees and Workers, had recently written a letter to Prime Minister Modi requesting that in the current circumstances, the 8th Pay Commission should be constituted without any delay.

But during the last session of Parliament, the government had given a reply regarding the formation of the Eighth Pay Commission. On February 6, in the Rajya Sabha, MP Ramnath Thakur asked a question to the government regarding the formation of the Eighth Pay Commission. In response to this question, Minister of State for Finance Pankaj Chaudhary said, no such proposal is under consideration with the government.

Central Government's statement

When questions were asked to the Central Government regarding the 8th Pay Commission, the Central Government clarified the position and said that, as per the recommendations made by the 7th Pay Commission, the salaries, allowances, and pensions were given to the pension beneficiaries including the Central Government employees. There is no need to set up a new pay commission to review the salary, allowances, and pensions given to the employees, and the government is now working on a system in which employees will get paid based on their ability/performance.

8th Pay commission latest news

8th pay commission date

According to the News, sources suggest the commission itself might be formed in 2024. However, this is not an official announcement and should be treated as speculation, particularly since there has yet to be any government confirmation. If the commission is established in 2024, the projected implementation of its recommendations is on January 1, 2026. 

8th pay commission timeline

Below is the tentative timeline for the 8th pay commission if govt decides to set it up for central govt employees.


8th pay commission

Draft preparation year


Commissioned announced


Implementation year


Commission category 



Central employees and pensioners

8th pay commission salary calculator

This section will be updated once the central government implements the 8th pay commission. 

8th Pay Commission Pay Matrix

The pay matrix for government employees is determined based on various levels. For instance, Level 1 has a basic pay of Rs 18000 as per the 7th Pay Commission, while Level 2 has a pay of Rs 19900, and Level 18 would have a pay of Rs 250,000. Workers can find this information on the Department of Economic Affairs' official portal. The 8th pay commission pay matrix would be updated once released by central govt.

Additionally, employees should frequently check the official website for the latest information as the Central Government may modify the details based on the specific needs of employees. 

Expected 8th Pay Commission Salary Slab 

Here is the list of minimum basic salaries of the 7th Pay Commission. The 8th pay commission basic salary along with the pay matrix level will be updated soon.

Pay matrix level

Basic salary of the 7th CPC

Basic salary of the 8th CPC

Pay Matrix Level 1

Rs. 18000


Pay Matrix Level 2



Pay Matrix Level 3



Pay Matrix Level 4



Pay Matrix Level 5



Pay Matrix Level 6



Pay Matrix Level 7



Pay Matrix Level 8



Pay Matrix Level 9



Pay Matrix Level 10



Pay Matrix Level 11



Pay Matrix Level 12



Pay Matrix Level 13



Pay Matrix Level 13 A



Pay Matrix Level 14



Pay Matrix Level 15



Pay Matrix Level 16



Pay Matrix Level 17

Rs.2.25 lakh


Pay Matrix Level 18

Rs.2.50 lakh


8th pay commission fitment factor 

The fitment factor is the number that is used to convert the old basic pay to the new basic pay.

This is used to compare the pre-revised basic pay to the revised basic pay. In the following table, the fitment factor and other details have been given from the 4th pay commission to the 8th pay commission in India. 

Pay commissions

Hike (%)

Fitment factor

Minimum basic salary

4th Pay Commission




5th Pay Commission




6th Pay Commission




7th Pay Commission




8th Pay Commission





  • Will there be an 8th Pay Commission?

While there is no official announcement for the 8th pay commission, it is expected that the government would consider setting up the pay commission this year and would implement it on 1 January 2026. 

  • What happens if DA reaches 50%?

According to the rule, If DA reaches 50%, certain allowances, and gratuities are raised by 25%. The central government has been revising it as the DA has touched the 50% mark from Jan 2024.

  • What will be the basic salary in the 8th pay commission?

The basic salary in the 8th Pay Commission will be updated in this article soon.

  • What is the fitment factor?

The fitment factor is a multiplier used in the 7th Central Pay Commission (CPC) to determine the basic pay in the revised pay structure for central government employees in India. It is a number multiplied by the basic pay in the 6th CPC regime (pay in pay band added with grade pay) to arrive at the new basic pay.

  • Is there any proposal to implement an Auto Pay Revision System for Central Government employees?

No, there is no current proposal to implement an auto-pay revision system for central government employees. 

  • What is the latest news regarding the 8th pay commission?

According to the latest news, there are no official confirmations on constituting the 8th pay commission. But there are various speculations regarding this, some sources say that the government is thinking about this being formed this year.

  • What is the duration of the pay commission?

According to the rule, a new commission is constituted every 10 years. The first pay commission was formed in 1946. From the day of independence, a total of 7 pay commissions have been formed. The present pay commission (7th pay commission) was set up in 2014  and its recommendation took effect in Jan 2016. 

  • Is the pay commission stopped?

The pay commission has not stopped but in the latest scenario, the government has no plan to introduce the 8th pay commission as of now and currently no official announcement about it, said  Union Minister of State for Finance Pankaj Chaudhary in Parliament. It may be announced in near fututre.


So what is the conclusion, the conclusion is that there is only speculation that the government may announce an 8th pay commission for employees and pensioners, but no official statement has come regarding its formation, and in all the statements that have come so far, the government has clearly stated that the government is not thinking anything about 8th pay commission as of now.

But if the government announces the 8th pay commission this year, then it can be implemented from January 1, 2026, such reports are also coming. If this is implemented then you may see many changes like your basic salary may increase, DA/HRA may increase, so that you can live your life well.

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