BH Number plate registration
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BH Number Plate Registration eligibility, cost & Process

When purchasing a new vehicle in India, registering it in the respective state is obligatory, involving payment of road tax. However, if the vehicle is moved to another state for over a year, transferring the registration becomes necessary, incurring additional expenses and documentation. This poses significant challenges, especially for central government employees and individuals frequently transferred between states. To address these issues, the Ministry of Road Transport introduced the BH Series registration in August 2021. This initiative aims to simplify the registration process and reduce the associated costs and hassles, benefiting individuals eligible for BH number plates.

Following the implementation of BH Series registration by the Transport Ministry, unique number plates are now visible on Indian roads, denoted by formats like "22 BH" or "21 BH". The acronym BH represents BHARAT, beginning with the letters BH. These BH plates, designed to streamline the registration process, boast several noteworthy features.

In this comprehensive guide, we'll delve into what BH plates entail, eligibility criteria for application, the associated cost, and the step-by-step process for applying.

What is BH Number Plate?

BH Series (Bharat Series) Number Plate was aimed at simplifying the process of vehicle registration for non-transport vehicles when moving from one state to another. The BH Series number plate removes the need for individuals to transfer their vehicle registration when relocating to a different state within India. 

As per the Motor Vehicles Act, if you have a vehicle registered in one state For Example:-Haryana (HR number plate), and you move to another state, you are allowed to drive with the original HR number plate for a period of 12 months. After this period, you would be required to register your vehicle in the new state. With the BH Series Registration number, vehicle owners do not need to transfer vehicle registration from one state to another state during relocation.

Let's talk about who can get a BH Series number while buying a new car. While launching this BH Series system, Ministry of Roads, Transport and Highways (MoRTH) has made it clear that only a specific category of people can obtain this number.

BH Number Plate Eligibility

Below is a list of eligible person who can apply for BH Series Number Plates.

  1. State and Central Government Employees
  2. Defence Sector Employee
  3. Bank Employees
  4. Administrative Services
  5. Private Firm Employees with offices in more than four states and union territories

These individuals can use the BH Series number plates for their vehicles, making it easier for them to relocate without the need for re-registering their cars in different regions.

BH Series Registration Cost

When calculating the BH registration cost for vehicles in India, it's essential to consider various factors, including the vehicle's ex-showroom price, fuel type, and category. For petrol vehicles, the registration fees are structured as follows: 8% for cars priced under Rs. 10 lakh, 10% for those between Rs. 10 to Rs. 20 lakhs, and 12% for cars exceeding Rs. 20 lakhs in value. However, an additional 2% charge applies to diesel vehicles, increasing the registration cost, while electrical vehicles benefit from a 2% reduction in registration fees. The BH series cost is as follows:

Vehicle Invoice Price


(% of invoice price)


Below 10 Lakh


2% extra charge will be imposed for diesel vehicle

Between 10-20 Lakh


2% less tax for electric vehicles

Above 20 Lakh



BH registration cost

This nuanced approach aims to encourage the adoption of environmentally friendly vehicles while accounting for the differences in operational costs associated with different fuel types. By understanding these intricacies, individuals can make informed decisions when registering their vehicles under the BH Series, ensuring transparency and fairness in the registration process.

How to calculate BH series cost

When determining the BH registration cost for a vehicle under the BH Series registration in India, the process involves calculation based on the vehicle's invoice price, excluding Goods and Services Tax (GST). This calculation is facilitated through a portal designed for this purpose.

The BH registration formula utilized for this calculation is as follows:

Motor Vehicle tax as per Invoice Price * 1.25 * 2/15

Firstly, the motor vehicle tax is computed based on the tax slabs mentioned earlier in the article. Let's consider an example to illustrate this calculation.

Suppose we have a car with an invoice value, excluding GST, of Rs. 700,000. Given the tax rate for this particular car falls within the bracket of 8% as per the aforementioned slabs, and it's calculated for a period of 15 years, the initial motor vehicle tax would be computed as follows:

700,000 * 8 / 100 = Rs. 56,000.

Following the determination of the initial motor vehicle tax, the BH registration cost for a duration of two years is calculated using the specified formula:

BH Registration Cost = (Motor Vehicle Tax * 1.25 * 2) / 15.

Substituting the calculated motor vehicle tax into the formula, we can determine the BH registration cost:

BH Registration Cost = (56,000 * 1.25 * 2) / 15 = (70,000 * 2) / 15 = 9,333.33.

Therefore, for the car with an invoice value of Rs. 700,000 and falling under the 8% tax slab, the BH registration cost for a two-year duration would be approximately Rs. 9,333.33.

This calculation process ensures transparency and accuracy in determining the BH registration cost for vehicles under the BH Series registration scheme, aiding individuals in understanding and planning for the expenses associated with registration.

Required Documents for BH Series Number Plate

For obtaining a BH Series number plate in India, you typically need to provide the following documents:

  • For Government Employees: A copy of your official ID card: Provide a photocopy of the identification card issued to you by your government workplace. It's a way to verify your identity and connection with the government.
  • For Private Employees: Your working certificate in Form 60: it's a written statement from your employer verifying your employment status, typically including details such as your position, duration of employment, and any other relevant information.
  • For Defence Employee: Serving certificate issued from unit. Ex Servicemen are not eligible for BH number registration. Serving defence personnel can apply for BH number while buying car through CSD canteen

Decoding the BH Number Plate

The BH number plate, a prominent feature on Indian roads, holds a significant meaning embedded within its alphanumeric sequence. Taking the example of a typical BH number plate, such as "21 BH 2345 AA," each element serves a distinct purpose. The digits "21" represent the vehicle registration year, providing a quick reference to the year of registration. The inclusion of "BH" in all BH number plates stands as a powerful symbol, signifying "BHARAT," the Hindi word for India.

BH Number Plate

Following the year indicator, the subsequent four digits, in this case "2345," are randomly assigned numerical values, contributing to the plate's unique identification. Finally, the last two characters, "AA" in this instance, consist of random alphabet combinations ranging from "AA" to "ZZ," excluding "I" and "O," further enhancing the individuality of each plate. By decoding the elements of the BH number plate, individuals can not only discern the vehicle registration year but also recognize its broader significance.

How to apply for BH Number Plate 

  • You have two options: either go to MoRTH's Vahan portal online or get help from a car dealer.
  • If you ask the dealer for help, they will fill out Form 20 for you on the Vahan portal.
  • Private sector employees with offices in more than four states or Union Territories need to submit Form 60. They also have to provide their employment ID along with a work certificate.

BH Registration Form 60

  • The state authorities check if the vehicle owner is eligible.
  • When applying, you choose the series type "BH."
  • The BH Series number plate approved by the Regional Transport office (RTO).
  • Pay the required fee or motor vehicle tax online.
  • Submit necessary documents like the Working Certificate (Form 60) or a copy of your official ID card, Serving certificate for defence employee. 

Advantage of BH Number Plate 

Vehicle owners with a BH Series number plate can drive their vehicles in any state without the need for re-registration, making the process more convenient for those who frequently move or relocate across state borders. It's important to note that the BH Series is made specially for non-transport vehicles, and not for all vehicles. It's meant to make things easy for people who move around a lot within the country.

Below are some more advantage of having a BH Number Plate :-

  1. Flexibility :-The BH Series allows you to retain your vehicle registration number even if you move to a different state within the country. 
  2. Comfort :- You don't have to go through the process of obtaining a new registration number every time you relocate.
  3. Cost Savings :- Avoiding re-registration, can save you money and time. 
  4. Regularity :- Your vehicle maintains a regular identity with the BH Series number plate, regardless of your location
  5. Reduced Paperwork :- Since the BH Series is designed for easy inter-state movement, it likely involves less paperwork compared to the traditional process of re-registering a vehicle in a new state.

Key Qualities of Bharat Series Number Plates 

  1. The BH series is used only for private vehicles, not for trade or transport purposes.
  2. Bharat series is valid throughout the country.
  3. The BH series registration number format includes the registration year (YY), BH for Bharat series, a 4-digit registration number, and two alphabets (excluding I & O) that represent the type of vehicle. It looks like this: 22BH 1234NN.
  4. For BH series plates, you can comfortably pay the road tax online, and once paid, it remains applicable for a period of two years. The BH number plate renews every two years by paying tax. You can check out BH number renewal process here.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q. What is the BH Number Plate?

Ans. BH series number plate or Bharat number plate is a number plate for all non-transport cars.

Q. Who is eligible for the BH Series Plate?

Ans. Central or state govt employees, bank employees, serving defense personnel, administrative services and private employees with offices in more than four states or union territories are eligible for BH series plate.

Q. Can I sell my BH Series Car?

Ans. Yes, if you have a BH registered vehicle you can sell it to the buyer without any problem.

Q. What are the benefits of having a BH series plate?

Ans. It saves your time and effort as well as reduced paperwork while relocating to a new state.

Q. Can Private Employees get BH Number Plates?

Ans. Yes, Private employees with offices in more than four state or union territories are eligible for the BH Series Number Plate.

Q. Can I Convert my car number to a BH number?

Ans. Yes, it’s possible to convert your car number to a BH Number plate.

Q. Do we need to pay for the BH Series?

Ans. The cost of a BH Series number plate depends on the price of the car. For example if your car invoice price is less than 10 lakh so you have to pay 8% tax. If your car price is between 10-20 lakh so you have to pay 10% tax and if your car price is more than 20 lakh so you have to pay 12% tax.

Q. Is the BH series number plate costly?

Ans. It depends on the state with which you want to compare BH Series taxes. Road tax varies statewise. It is costly if you are comparing BH taxes with states having low road tax and economical when compared with states having higher taxes.

Q. How do I sell my car with a BH number plate?

Ans. You can sell it without any problem but the buyer of your vehicle should apply for registration in his/her regional RTO office to obtain the regional registration number. 

Q. Can a normal person apply for BH registration?

Ans. No, BH series is available for all non-transport vehicles but all Indian citizens cannot apply for it. Only Central and States government employees, Bank Employees, Defense Personnel and Private Employees with offices in more than 4 states or union territories can apply for BH Series Registration Number Plate.


The article provides a comprehensive overview of the Bharat Series Number Plates introduced by the Ministry of Roads, Transport and Highways (MoRTH) in India in August 2021. It aims to eliminate the inconvenience of re-registering vehicles when moving between states, specifically benefiting State and Central Government employees.

The Bharat Series number plates make it easier for individuals with jobs involving frequent state transfers. They are currently available for government employees, armed forces personnel, and certain private sector organizations. The series aims to simplify the buying and selling of vehicles in the country. 

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