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How to convert savings account to DSP account?

The facility of DSP account is given only for soldiers and officers serving in Army, Navy, Airforce, Assam Rifles, Indian Coast Guard and GREF. If your salary is creding in SBI or ICICI bank, then it must be checked whether your salary account is DSP account or savings account. If your salary account is a savings account, then you will not get many facilities available in DSP account. So get your account converted to DSP account.

How to convert savings account to DSP account?

If you want to convert your savings account to DSP account, then you are required to follow two conditions.

  1. You must be serving in Indian Army, Navy, Airforce, Indian Coast Guard, Assam Rifles or GREF.
  2. The savings account you want to convert into a DSP account should be credited to your salary every month.

If you fulfill both these conditions, then you can easily convert your savings bank account / salary account to DSP account.

To convert a savings account into a DSP account, first you need a serving certificate, which you can take from your unit. By mentioning your salary account number in the serving certificate, it will be easy to convert your salary account to DSP account.

Take the serving certificate to the branch of the bank where you have your account. After that write application to branch manager to convert savings account/salary account to DSP account. Also attach the serving certificate. After this the branch manager will approve your application. After few days, your account will be converted into DSP account. For your convenience, the format of the application is given in the photo below.

If the bank branch asks for Xerox of your Identity Card to convert your account into DSP account, then do not give Xerox of I Card at all. Your account gets converted to DSP account only with the serving certificate. Because your number, rank, name, unit, temporary address, permanent address, photo, account number etc. will be there in the serving certificate. Apart from this, you do not need to submit any other document.

After a month, go to the bank and verify whether your account has been changed to DSP account or not. If not, notify the branch manager again.

In this way you can convert your salary account to DSP account.


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