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SBI Shaurya Credit Card : Key benefits & Features

The SBI Shaurya Credit Card is specifically designed to honor the bravery and dedication of Indian armed forces personnel. Eligibility for the SBI Shaurya Credit Card is extended to individuals who are currently serving in the Indian Army, Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard, Paramilitary, or Assam Rifles. The card offers a range of benefits including special discounts, cashback on specific categories, and exclusive privileges tailored to the needs of armed forces personnel like SBI DSP account. This unique credit card not only serves as a financial tool but also as a token of appreciation for the sacrifices made by these individuals in the line of duty.

Shaurya Credit Card Fees

The annual fee for Shaurya Credit Card is Rs 250, which is charged by SBI Bank at the time of card issuance. Initially when the Shaurya Credit Card was launched by SBI Card, the annual fee for the Shaurya Credit Card was zero.  After May 1, 2021, the annual fee for Shaurya Credit Card was increased to Rs 250, which is still continuous.

Apart from the annual fee, there is a renewal fee of Rs 250, which the Shaurya Credit Card holder has to pay every year. But if you spend 50000 rupees or more money using credit card in a year, then the renewal fee is waived off, Which means you do not have to pay the renewal fee.

Now let's talk about the benefits of Shaurya Credit Card.

SBI Shaurya Credit Card Benefits

  1. The Shaurya Credit Card holder gets a 1000 reward points welcome gift at the time of joining. 4 Reward Points is equal to Rs 1 i.e. Reward Points equivalent to Rs.250 are given to the Shaurya Credit Card holder as a welcome gift. These reward points are credited after 15 days of making the annual fee payment. That is, the defense person gets reward points at the time of joining equal to the annual fee.
  2. The cardholder can use the reward points to pay credit card bills or convert them into cash to make purchases.
  3. Shaurya Credit Card holders get 1 reward point, which is equal to 25 paise, for every Rs 100 spent on shopping. But if Shaurya credit card  is used to pay bills at CSD canteens, shop for dining, movies, departmental stores or grocery items, card holder gets 5 reward points for every Rs.100 spent. For example, defense personnel can earn 500 reward points equivalent to Rs.125 if they spend Rs.10,000 using Shaurya Credit Card at CSD canteens or movie, dining, or department stores in a month.
  4. According to this calculation, SBI Shaurya Credit Card is very beneficial for defense personnel who do a lot of shopping from CSD canteens as it offers 5X reward points.
  5. In addition to the reward points, the Shaurya Credit Card also offers 1% fuel surcharge, subject to a maximum of Rs.250 in a billing cycle. Fuel surcharge waiver is available only on fuel purchases between Rs.500 to Rs.3000.
  6. One of the major benefits of the SBI Shaurya Credit Card is that the credit card holder also gets a personal accident insurance cover of Rs 2 lakh.

Fee & Charges

The fee and charges for SBI Shaurya credit card is given below in the table.

Type of Fee Amount 
Joining Fee Rs 250
Renewal Fee Rs 250
Finance Charges Up to 3.50% per month
Card replacement fee Rs 100
Cash advance fee 2.5% of the transaction amount (subjected to a minimum of Rs.300)
Cash advance limit Maximum 80% of the credit limit
Minimum amount due 5% of the total outstanding amount
Overlimit fee 2.5% of the amount subject to a minimum of Rs.500.
Reward redemption fee Rs.99

Documents for Shaurya Credit Card

  • PAN Card
  • Aadhar Card
  • Salary Slip
  • ITR Return
  • Form 16

SBI Shaurya Credit Card Limit

SBI Shaurya Credit Card does not have a fixed limit. The credit card limit depends on the net salary and credit score of the defense person. If the credit score and salary of the defense person is good then he/she can easily get good limits. As the defense person uses the credit card, the bank increases the Shaurya credit card limit after a few months.

Add on Credit Card

Apart from this, Shaurya Credit Card holders can also apply for Add on Card. That is, the card holder can also take a credit card for his parent, spouse, or sibling who is above 18 years of age. Add - on Credit Card limit is given from Shaurya Credit Card only. For example, if the limit of a Shaurya Credit Card is Rs.50,000, then that limit is divided with the Add on card and the total limit of both the cards remains Rs.50,000. No charge has to be paid for add on card.

SBI shaurya credit card customer care number

To reach the customer care services for the SBI Shaurya Credit Card, you can dial the number 39 02 02 02, making sure to prefix it with your local STD code. Alternatively, you can call 1860 180 1290. These dedicated helpline numbers are designed to assist you with any queries, concerns, or assistance you might require related to your SBI Shaurya Credit Card. The customer care team is readily available to provide guidance and support, ensuring a seamless and convenient experience for all cardholders.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is SBI Shaurya credit card free for Defence personnel?

No, the Shaurya Credit Card is not free for Defence personnel. Defence personnel are required to pay a joining fee of Rs 250. However, it was free before May 1, 2021.

Is SBI Shaurya credit card lounge access?

No, lounge access is not available with the SBI Shaurya Credit Card for both domestic and international travelers.

How can I increase my SBI Shaurya card limit?

To increase your credit limit on the SBI Shaurya card, you can contact the SBI Card helpline at 39 02 02 02 (prefix STD code) or 1860 180 1290. Connect with customer care representative to determine if you qualify for an increase in your credit limit.

What is the value of reward point in SBI Shaurya credit card?

The value of a reward point in SBI Shaurya credit card is 25 paise. This signifies that 4 reward points are equivalent to Rs 1.

What is the customer care number of SBI Shaurya credit card?

You can dial 39 02 02 02 (prefix local STD code) or 1860 180 1290 for assistance and inquiries related to the SBI Shaurya credit card.

Which SBI credit card is best for Army person?

The SBI Shaurya Credit Card is considered the best for army personnel. This card is specifically designed for defense personnel and offers features such as 5X reward points on CSD shopping, a complimentary personal accident insurance cover of Rs 2 lakh, and a low joining and renewal fee.

The main benefits of the SBI Shaurya Credit Card for defense personnel are insurance cover of Rs 2 lakh and extra reward points on bill payments at CSD canteens. Both these benefits are not available in Basic Credit Card. These benefits are available in premium credit cards that have higher joining fees and annual fees. These were the benefits of Shaurya Credit.

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