7th pay commission table
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Check the details of Military Allowance as per 7th Pay Commission.

The 7th Pay Commission has come into effect from January 2016 and the Basic Pay and MSP of all Defense Persons has been increased by 2.57 times. In this post, we will talk about the Defense Forces Special Allowance also known as Risk and Hardship Allowance which is applicable in Field Area and High Altitude Area. First of all we talk about the allowance of Navy in 7th Pay Commission. The list of all the allowances of Navy is given below.

After this let's talk about Free Fall Allowance, Flying Allowance which is mainly available to Para Troopers, both these allowances have increased by more than 3 times. Along with this, the details of Field Area Allowance are also given in the list. In Field Area Allowance, the allowance of Sepoy and Nayak has doubled and other posts have increased by 1.5 to 2 times.

After this let's talk about Sea going allowance, test pilot allowance which is available only in Navy and Airforce. You can check the details of modified field area allowance along with both these allowances in the list below.

Next comes the High Active Field Area Allowance and the Counter Insurgency Allowance which has been almost doubled. In 7th pay commission, different levels have not been created in the allowance.

Earlier, the constable, Naik was placed in the same level, Havildar in a different level and JCO in a different level, due to which the soldier and Naik got less allowance than Havildar and JCO. But the allowance will be same in 7th pay commission and level one has been made in the officer also. Therefore, officers of different ranks will also get the same allowance. Therefore, in the 7th pay commission, the jawans who are ranked below have got more benefit.

After this comes the High Altitude Allowance, which we also call Leh or Siachen Allowance in the local language. This allowance is divided into 3 parts. Category I, II, III. The lowest altitude is Category I, followed by Category II and the highest altitude is Category III. All its details are given in the photo below.

After this comes Special Allowance, Siachen Allowance, Para Allowance, Submarine Allowance and Surveillance Allowance whose details you can check in the photo below.

The allowances we discussed so far are applicable to almost everyone but now we will discuss about those allowances which are different for everyone like Class Pay, Language Allowance, Good Conduct Allowance, Deputation Allowance, Non Practice Allowance, Rum Allowance etc. You can check the details of these allowances in the list below.

Almost all personal allowances have been covered in the above list. Apart from this, the important allowances which are left such as House Rent Allowance (HRA), Children Education Allowance (CEA), Transport Allowance (TPTL) and Ration Money Allowance.

HRA Allowance on crossing DA 25% will become 27%, 18% and 9% in X, Y and Z city which is now 24%, 16%, and 8% and when DA crosses 50% then HRA of Basic Pay will become 30%, 20% and 10%. Apart from this, we are also giving the list of X, Y and Z cities in the last which will help you to find out how much HRA you should be getting.

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