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Financial assistance to ESM

Financial assistance to non-pensioner ESM and widow for treatment

From April 01, 2008, all the pensioners of the Armed Forces are provided medical cover by ECHS, but many times it happens that a soldier from the Armed Forces is dismissed from service without pension...

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Assistance to disable ESM

Financial Assistance for Scooter or Mobility Vehicle for Disabled ESM

Physical fitness is of great importance in the Armed Forces, which is why most ex-servicemen remain physically fit even after retirement. But many times it happens that due to some accident they becom...

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Toll tax exempt fast tag for defence personnel

How to get Toll Tax Exempted Fast Tag for defense personnel?

Whenever the defense person travels in a personal vehicle, he has to show the identity card at the toll tax on the highway and he was not required to pay the toll tax. But after the implementation of ...

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Financial assistance to veer nari

Financial Assistance Scheme to Ex-Servicemen and Veer Naris for house repairs.

Whenever a natural calamity occurs, it causes a lot of loss of life and property. When the disaster is very big then central and state government help but when the disaster happens at small level...

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Assistance to ESM orphan child

Financial assistance to 100% disabled child of ESM.

100% handicapped child is completely dependent on his family, keeping this in mind, financial assistance of Rs 500 per month was started in 2007 for 100% disabled children of ex-servicemen / Veer Nari...

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ECHS card eligibility

Eligibility and benefits of ECHS card that you should know.

ECHS provides medical facilities to retired defense personnel and their dependents from the Indian Army. ECHS Full form is Ex-serviceman Contributory Health Scheme. Under this scheme, the retired defe...

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ESM Scheme

Revision in financial assistance amount to the orphan children of ESM

Many times it happens that after getting pension, both husband and wife dies due to some accident or any other reason, then children become orphans at a young age. Even the relatives are not able to t...

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SBI DSP Gold Pension Account for Ex-servicemen

Exploring benefits of SBI DSP account for ex servicemen

In our previous post, we explored the DSP account benefits offered to serving soldiers of the Armed Forces. However, it's essential to highlight that the DSP account isn't limited to acti...

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DGR Security Service

How to start DGR Empanel Security Service?

Defense person searches through job or self employment after retirement. In this phase, ESM's DGR (Directorate General of Resettlement) helps through various schemes. One of these schemes is the D...

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DSP account benefits

SBI DSP Account benefits for defence personnel

As we all know that the account of every soldier of the Armed Forces is opened in a different bank under the Defense Salary Package. For this, all the three armies make agreements with different banks...

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Petrol pump for defence person

Complete information about starting petrol pump under ESM quota

If you want to start a petrol pump in your district or any other place, let us tell you that the Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas has set the reserve quota of petrol pump in regular and rura...

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Education scheme

Concession in education institute and university's fees for dependents

As we mentioned in the previous post that the Indian Army has tied up with the best coaching institute of Kota and has provided free and low rate coaching facility for the dependents. Similarly, by ti...

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