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ESM Daughter marriage scheme

Rupees 50,000 financial assistance scheme for the marriage of daughter of ESM

This ESM scheme is applicable to Pensioner/Non-pensioner Ex-Serviceman (ESM), Navy/Air Force ESM of Havildar and equivalent rank. The scheme was started in 1981 with Rs 3,000 per daughter. This scheme...

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CSD Depot

Phone numbers and email addresses of CSD depots across India

Defense Person needs CSD Depot while buying bike, car from CSD canteen. Only one or two CSD depots are available in each state. Sometimes due to lack of information, many times we have to make rounds....

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Indian Gallantry Awards

Detailed overview of Indian Gallantry Awards

The Indian Army is known all over the world for its valor and might. Indian Defense Force, in which the Indian Army, Air Force and Navy have shown their might in all wars. Indian forces have defeated ...

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Retirement benefits

What are the benefits to the defense person after retirement?

About 50,000 Defense Persons retire every year from the Indian Army, which has come down drastically at the time of Kovid. The age of retiring defense personnel ranges from 35 years to 45 years and at...

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ECHS jobs eligibility

ECHS Polyclinic Job Qualification, Salary and Vacancy Information

Indian Army is considered to be the best in government jobs in India because in the Indian Army there is also a chance to serve the country on the border of the country. The career of soldiers serving...

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Defense pension types

Types of defense pension & its calculation

Defense pension is very helpful to ESM in post retirement life. Defense pension is also of many types and is given to the ESM or his widowed wife on the basis of merit. For pension also, the defense p...

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Agneepath Scheme

Agneepath Scheme 2022 - The biggest change in the Indian Army

Indian Army is the second largest army in the world. A young man gets admitted at the age of 18-20 years, and as he is above 40, he has enough experience, but he is not able to remain as physically ac...

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Pension commutation

How to calculate pension commutation and profit or loss in commutation?

Defense person gets a lump sum amount at the time of retirement which is very helpful for him to settle down after retirement. At the time of retirement, the defense person gets pension, service gratu...

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Defense Quota in Medical Colleges

Defense Quota in Medical Colleges and Education Institutes.

AWES (Army Welfare Education Society) manages 12 Professional Course Institutions which are located in different parts of India. There is a reservation for the defense person in all the education inst...

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AGIF Home Loan

AGIF Home Loan eligibility & interest rate

Army Group Insurance Fund (AGIF) provides insurance scheme to Indian Army Serving Soldier. Apart from insurance, AGI also runs scholarship scheme in AWES Professional Institute for Army Serving Soldie...

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Scholarship for defense personnel

How Defense Person can get PM Scholarship Scheme for dependents?

The Central Government runs the Welfare Scheme for the Defense Persons retiring from the Indian Army, Navy and Air Force. One of the ESM Welfare Scheme is the Prime Minister's Scholarship Scheme. ...

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Record office contact number

Complete information about contact numbers of all record offices

The Record Office is the organization that has a complete account of the OR and JCO's recruitment from the time to the end. The Record Office makes and enforces the policies and maintains the acco...

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