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Defense Quota in Medical Colleges

Defense Quota in Medical Colleges and Education Institutes.

AWES (Army Welfare Education Society) manages 12 Professional Course Institutions which are located in different parts of India. There is a reservation for the defense person in all the education inst...

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AGIF Home Loan

AGIF Home Loan eligibility & interest rate

Army Group Insurance Fund (AGIF) provides insurance scheme to Indian Army Serving Soldier. Apart from insurance, AGI also runs scholarship scheme in AWES Professional Institute for Army Serving Soldie...

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Scholarship for defense personnel

How Defense Person can get PM Scholarship Scheme for dependents?

The Central Government runs the Welfare Scheme for the Defense Persons retiring from the Indian Army, Navy and Air Force. One of the ESM Welfare Scheme is the Prime Minister's Scholarship Scheme. ...

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Record office contact number

Complete information about contact numbers of all record offices

The Record Office is the organization that has a complete account of the OR and JCO's recruitment from the time to the end. The Record Office makes and enforces the policies and maintains the acco...

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Var registration process

Complete procedure for car registration after buying from CSD canteen.

Defense persons buy four wheeler from CSD canteen during service or after retirement. Serving soldiers were able to buy four wheelers from CSD canteen only after 10 years of service. But after th...

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Car insurance

How to save money by choosing the best plan for car insurance?

Buying a new car and getting insurance is compulsory. Even if car insurance is not mandatory, it should be done for your own safety. As per the Vehicle Act, the delivery of the car is given only after...

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AGIF Computer loan

AGIF Computer Loan Interest Rate & Loan Process Information

AGIF also provides car loan and computer loan in addition to home loan and scholarship to the serving soldier. In this post we will talk about AGIF Computer loan. All Defense Serving Soldiers can take...

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SSC CGL reservation

Reservation and other benefits available to ESM in SSC CGL?

Staff Selection Commission releases the notification of SSC CGL every year in which different posts are released for different departments of the Central Government. As we have told in our previous po...

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Zilla Sainik Board

Contact details of Zilla Sainik Board of all states

Every soldier is familiar with the name of Zila Sainik Board. This is the organization that helps a soldier before joining the army, during service and after retirement. Whenever the army is recruited...

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Investing ideas

What are the safe ways to invest money with good returns?

Everyone has their own way of investing money. It also depends on the risk taking capacity of the person. But here we will talk in terms of a defense person or a salaried person. How should a salaried...

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investing money

What are the things to keep in mind while investing money?

More important than earning money is how to save the earned money and where to invest it. Many times news comes in the news paper that the company absconded by taking money by bluffing the defense per...

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transfer home loan

How to transfer home loan taken from bank to AGIF?

You must have heard about AGIF whose full form is Army Group Insurance Fund. AGIF provides insurance facility to the Indian Army. Apart from this, AGIF provides facilities like home loan, scholarship ...

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